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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Keyword: Polyurethane

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European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
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European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
EC Suppliers Hub: New presentation on polyaspartic technology Article
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
Water resistance and corrosion protection properties of water-borne polyurethane coating Article
EC Coatings Seminars 2021 Event
Influence of nano-silica and polyethylene wax on the scratch behaviour of PU coatings Article
“Every employee exposed to diisocyanates will have to receive training” Article
Cardanol derived P and Si based precursors for flame retardant PU coatings Article
Catalysed NIPU coatings from bio-based poly(cyclic carbonates) Article
Polyurethanes: Alternative crosslinking mechanisms Article
Optical properties of high solid water-borne polyurethane Article
Structure-functional property relationship of aliphatic polyurethane-silica hybrid films Article
Polydopamine functional reduced graphene oxide for water-borne polyurethane nanocomposites Article
Water-borne polyurethane modified by stearyl acrylate for water repellents Article
Impedance sensor for the early failure diagnosis of organic coatings Article
Diffusion cell investigations into the acidic degradation of organic coatings Article
Water-borne polyurethane/polyacrylate emulsions containing sulfonate groups Article
Photo-crosslinkable polyurethanes with coumarin modified silica nanoparticles Article
A novel bulk-matte water-borne polyurethane coating composite Article
Improving self-healing performance of polyurethane coatings Article
Polyurethane with an ionic liquid crosslinker Article
Thermostability and flame retardance of waterborne polyurethane coatings Article
Lanxess strengthens development for aqueous polyurethane dispersions Article
Synthesis of UV-curing waterborne polyurethane-acrylate coating Article
Influence of diol chain extender on self-healing polyurethane coatings Article
A biomimetic hierarchical structure constructed from waterborne polyurethanes Article
Water-borne polyurethane–silver nanoparticle antibacterial coating Article
Waterborne polyurethane based on AAS-Na and LDMPA Article
Water-borne polyurethane-ureas with plant extracts Article
Biobased polyurethane thermosets from renewable materials Article
Synthesis and characterization of castor oil-based polyurethane acrylate Article
New adhesives for bonding of displays Article
Waterborne polyurethane acrylate coatings with low gloss effect Article
Highly flame-retardant bio-based polyurethanes Article
UV-curable polyurethane acrylate coatings mitigate tin whisker growth Article
Global market study on automotive refinish coatings published Article
Self-healing polyurethane containing carboxyl groups Article
Performance of alkyd polyurethane coatings with hyperbranched alkyd Article
Covestro LLC announces changes in leadership Article
Thermally assisted self-healing polyurethane containing carboxyl groups Article
Low-cost bismuth yellow hybrid pigments derived from attapulgite Article
Polysiloxane coatings for anticorrosion applications in marine environment Article
Covestro expands global capacity for polyurethane dispersions Article
Blocked polyisocyanates as crosslinking agents for polyurethane powder coatings Article
Corrosion protection of mild steel surfaces Article
New distributor for Vencorex in South Africa Article
Third quarter 2017: Covestro raises bar and announces share buyback Article
Preparing antireflection coatings with novel core-shell particle dispersions Article
Oxazolidines as curing agent for polyurethane adhesives Article
Lanxess enhances research on next generation materials Article
New flame retardant enters market Article
New segment heads at Covestro Article
Fingerprint resistant coatings for stainless steel substrates Article
Detering ice adhesion with amphiphilic coatings Article
Bodo Möller Chemie extends Eastern Europe business Article
HuntsmanClariant merger on track Article
UV curable urethane acrylate oligomers for anti-fog coatings Article
Bromo-cardanol-novolac resins as adhesives for particleboards Article
Evonik bundles expertise in crosslinking technology Article
Lifting PUR chemistry into the next dimension Article
Stepan acquires surfactant production facility in Mexico Article
Focus on floor coatings: June issue of ECJ is out Article
CEO Patrick Thomas takes over interim CFO responsibilities at Covestro Article
Stahl opens Center of Excellence in Spain Article
Thermal behaviour and flame retardancy of modified polyurethane coatings Article
Preparation of UV-curable waterborne polyurethane-acrylate emulsions Article
Sapici forms commercial alliance with Sun Chemical Article
Stopping mosquitos and red ants with polyurethane coatings made from algae oil Article
Strong first quarter for Covestro Article
Polyurethane adhesives containing Diels-Alder-based thermoreversible bonds Article
Toyo Ink and Doneck enter licensing agreement for water-based lamination inks Article
High performance polyurea coatings based on cardanol Article
Forming linear and crosslinked polyurethane nanoparticles Article
Influence of early water exposure on modified cementitious coating Article
ECS Award 2017: And the winner is... Article
New distributor for Vencorex in Turkey Article
Assistant-film-forming performance of aqueous polyurethane dispersions Article
Covestro achieves record year Article
Potential of a novel waterborne polyurethane as biomaterial Article
Anti-icing coatings reduce damage caused by ice Article
Preparing polysiloxane-ether-urethane-acrylic hybrid emulsions Article
ChemQuest Group appoints new director Article
Waterborne polyurethanes with a novel emulsifier derived from sunflower oil Article
Breaking new ground for a biobased railcar coating Article
Axalta Coating Systems acquires Century Industrial Coatings Article
Chemically modified cellulose nanofibril as additive for polyurethane coatings Article
Review on surface treatment for concrete Article
Vencorex adds new production capacities for monomers and derivatives Article
Covestro lifts force majeure on polyurethane raw materials Article
Degradable polyurethane-organic release system prevents marine biofouling Article
Polyurethane and ACE coatings: The hands-on experience Article
New sustainable routes for non-isocyanate polyurethanes Article
New blocked polyisocyanates crosslinkers for polyurethane powder coatings Article
Saudi Aramco acquires Novomer’s polyol business Article
Sustainable coatings from bio-based polyesters with enhanced functionalities Article
Polythiourethane networks catalysed by photobase generators Article
Covestro continues strong results in third quarter Article
Preparing fluorinated oligomers with tertiary amine structure for UV curable coatings Article
Effects of surface roughness on varnish adhesion strength of wood materials Article
Lamberti Group acquires Supercolori Article
RPM acquires Canadian pipeline coatings company Article
Surface degradation of a nanosilica/polyurethane coating under UV exposure Article
Polycarbodiimides as classification-free and easy to use crosslinkers for water based coatings - STAHL Whitepaper
Creating new barriers with graphene Article
Bodo Möller Chemie integrates part of Planatol’s Indian activities Article
Encapsulation and incorporation of sodium molybdate in polyurethane coatings Article
Coumarin based light responsive healable waterborne polyurethanes Article
Superhydrophobic surfaces with silane-treated diatomaceous earth/resin systems Article
Synthesis of chitosan capped CuO nanoleaves and their application in antifouling coatings Article
Strong second quarter for Covestro Article
U.S. paint and coatings market: green and sustainable coatings lead Article
Safic-Alcan completes acquisition of its Swedish subsidiary Safic-Alcan Nordic Article
Hybrid organosiloxane coatings protect mild steel against corrosion Article
Bio-based water-borne polyurethanes for coating applications Article
Correlation between natural exposure and artificial ageing test for marine coatings Article
BASF increases production capacity for "Basonat" hardeners Article
Studying the antifouling performance of polyurethane coatings Article
Covestro: Profitability and volumes increased in the first quarter Article
Chemists unveil polymer that heals itself at body temperature Article
Polyurethane self-polishing coating for marine antifouling application Article
Get in touch with low and zero VOC coatings! Article
Properties of powder clear coatings systems modified with hydrotalcites Article
VOC-free two component polyurethane coatings based on rapeseed oil polyols Article
Research aims to find an isocyanate-free alternative for military coatings Article
Wanhua Chemical Group commissioned new IPDI plant Article
Assessment of adhesion and surface properties of polyurethane coatings Article
Successful first year for Covestro Article
Characterising UV-curable castor oil-based polyfunctional polyurethane acrylate Article
Dow and Nordmeccanica collaborate on new technology developments Article
Degradability of polyurethane refinish coatings against biological materials Article
Efficiency relationship of hyperbranched waterborne polyurethane Article
Viability of epoxy-siloxane hybrid coatings for preventing steel corrosion Article
Vencorex expands high specialty waterborne range of products in US Article
Bio-based polyurethanes for environment-friendly coating systems Article
Reverdia and Omnia sign strategic collaboration agreement Article
Novel bio-based polyols for flame retardant polyurethane sealants Article
Microencapsulation of quinoline as corrosion inhibitor in polyurethane coatings Article
BASF starts operations at TDI plant at Ludwigshafen site Article
Sapici and Wanhua sign distribution agreement for aliphatic polyisocyanates Article
Materials Technologies business of Air Products operates under new name Article
Developing corrosion protective polyurethane coating from mahua oil Article
Bio-based polyol for VOC free 2K PU applications Article
Bayer MaterialScience: 50 years of HDI production in Leverkusen Article
New CFO at Alberdingk Boley Article
Catch the full basic know-how on PUR Article
Degradable polyurethanes based on polyester polyols for marine antifouling Article
Polycoat Products acquires Crown Polymers Article
Non-isocyanate polyurethane wins Green Chemistry Challenge Award Article
Simulation of reflectance from aluminium surfaces using composite coatings Article
Vencorex selects new distributor for Central Eastern Europe Article
Graft-copolymer-based approach to anti-smudge polyurethane coatings Article
Coating hardener from biomass improves carbon credentials Article
Coatings additive is suitable for food and nonfood apllications Article
Obtaining highly effective antifouling coatings Article
Hot melt adhesive market in China to reach EUR 2.22 billion in 2019 Article
Biesterfeld Spezialchemie expands distribution of DIC Performance Resins products Article
Fast drying primer reduces time lost for recoatability Article
Anti-corrosion coating market is projected to reach EUR 23,385 million by 2019 Article
DSM announces investment in US manufacturing facility for sustainable resins Article
Polycarbonatediols effect performance of waterborne polyurethanes Article
Sika enters into negotiations to acquire Axson Technologies Article
Thermoactivated hardener enables efficient coating of plastic add-on parts Article
Mitsui Chemicals and SKC join hands to unite polyurethane businesses Article
Vencorex opens Shanghai sales branch Article
Asahi Kasei Chemicals completes polycarbonatediol plant for PU in China Article
Silane modified nano ZnO effects UV degradation of polyurethane coatings Article
Vencorex strengthens its position in Asia Article
Preparing waterborne polyurethane/acrylic hybrid emulsions Article
Coatings binders: Polyester polyol shows good hydrolytic stability Article
Vencorex increases capacity of aliphatic isocyanates product range Article
Preparing a novel urethane polyol via nonisocyanate route Article
Coil coatings market estimated to reach EUR 5,020.82 million by 2019 Article
Difunctional acids effect properties of polyester polyol-based polyurethane coatings Article
Adhesives: Stable waterbased dispersion allows new application options Article
Coatings binders market is estimated to reach EUR 30,745.94 Million by 2019 Article
Growth expected to improve in China's anticorrosion coating market Article
Researchers test protective coatings under offshore site conditions Article
Polyurethane powder coatings contain polysiloxane Article
PU coatings support brands to use more sustainable coated fabrics Article
Producing functionalised polyurethane nanoparticles for reactive diluents Article
Royal Adhesives & Sealants Canada to acquire Chemque Article
Characterising sustainable polyurethane modified by cyclic polysiloxane Article
Alternative ways to manage consumed preservative-contaminated wood Article
Lignins - A "nice-to-have"! Blog post
Nano silver effects corrosion protection of polyurethane coatings Article
Synthesising waterborne polyurethane-acrylate with core-shell structure Article
Using CO2 as sustainable feedstock for polyurethane production Article
Bayer expands production for coating raw materials in China Article
Making automotive finishes more scratchresistant Article
UV-curable polyurethane acrylates inhibit fouling Article
Diisocyanates influence the properties of marine coatings Article
Macroinitiators graft polymerization of antifouling brush coatings Article
Polyurethane paint protects edges of rotor blades Article
Radiation-curable PUD addresses wood and furniture coatings Article
Siloxane-modified waterbased polyurethanes: Promising antifouling coatings Article
Non-harmful flame retardants developed Article
Polyurethane clearcoats show antigraffiti properties Article
PU dispersion market to grow by 2018 Article
Polyurethanes synthesised by sustainable routes Article
Degradable polyurethane has good antifouling ability Article
Dirt resistance of steel topcoats depends on surface wettability and characteristics of pollutants Article
Functions stick on the surface of polymers Article
Novel Coatings: same performance with fewer layers Blog post
Tear-resistant soybean oil Article
Making water unattractive to waterborne PUR Article
Silver nanoparticle movement to the layer surface Article
Oleic-based polyols are one more opportunity to gain renewable PURs Article
Why you can knock on wood Article
"Natural alone is not enough" Article
Polyurethanes: Huntsman & Alberdingk Boley to extend alliance Article
Flexible usages of polyurethanes - experts' comments Article
Lecture to impart basics of polyurethane coatings Article
Countdown to Turkey’s most important paint and coatings event Article
Biobased polyester polyols are water-resistant Article
Exploring the trends and developments of the coatings industry Article
Dispersion stability of waterborne wood coatings studied Article
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Study compares polycaprolactone polyols with other macrodiols in polyurethane dispersions Article
Aerospace coatings: degradation factors investigated Article
Huntsman completes acquisition of remaining ownership in the Russian PU joint venture Article
Paper presents developments in polyurethane cationomers Article
Biobased monomers set new trends in wood coatings and fire retardants Article
Diffusion and drying of polyurethane coatings investigated Article
Multi-functional PUR coating introduced Article
Sustainable polyols to enhance robustness of coatings Article
Boosting the performance Article
Polyester polyol meets market need for sustainable PUDs Article
Dramatic changes in the printing inks industry Article
PU: Huntsman opens service centre in Poland Article
BASF to invest in new chemical production site in Dahej, India Article
Dispersion addresses field applied matte floor coatings Article
Study evaluates weathering effect on adhesion strength Article
Bayer MaterialScience builds multipurpose plant for coating raw materials Article
Huntsman acquires Turkish polyurethanes systems house Article
Hybrid exercises option to manufacture and sell in Europe Article
PU coatings: a success story Blog post