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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Keyword: Pigment

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SK Capital to acquire Huntsman’s remaining interest in Venator Materials Article
European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
European Coatings Spotlight TiO2 Event
European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
Interview: “Trends in effect pigments are based on performance” Article
"Current situation creates opportunities for newcomers" Article
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
Plant waste as a sustainable pigment alternative Article
Interview: “We have and will further invest in our plants” Article
Classification of titanium dioxide: decision postponed Article
Formulation alternative for Aluminium pigment stabilisation Article
Pigments and fillers in the focus of the January issue Article
5th market report on pigments Article
Organic pigments: “Availability and cost control are currently the key challenge" Article
Clariant intends to divest significant parts of plastics & coatings business Article
High-performance dispersing agents for carbon blacks Whitepaper
Styrene-acrylic resin encapsulated C.I. Pigment Yellow 17 Article
Preparation and characterization of encapsulated C.I. pigment yellow 12 Article
The influence of starch-based bio-latex on paper coating Article
Waterborne polyurethane acrylate coatings with low gloss effect Article
Effect of nano-pigments on the corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings Article
British Coatings Federation wins Industry Leadership Award 2017 Article
New leader of the Inorganic Pigments business unit at Lanxess Article
Merck confirms outlook for 2017 despite a challenging third quarter Article
Low-cost bismuth yellow hybrid pigments derived from attapulgite Article
New General Manager at Sudarshan Europe B.V. Article
Titanium Dioxide: Ruling opacity out of existence? Article
Heubach India receives ICC award for Responsible Care for the year 2016 Article
New approaches in corrosion protection Article
Biesterfeld and Cortec agree on distribution of anti-corrosion additives Article
Krahn Chemie takes over distribution for FP-Pigments in Germany Article
Anticorrosive water-borne paints with reduced phosphate content Article
Half-year results 2017: Altana accelerates growth momentum Article
Hoover Color and Ecoat announces project for more environmentalism Article
Ferro acquires Dip Tech Article
Axalta Coating Systems presents 2017 automotive colour collection Article
Ferro launches program to increase capacity of ultramarine pigments Article
Black Bear receives certification for carbon black pigments Article
IMCD expands presence in the United States Article
New anorganic blue pigment soon to be offered on the market Article
Heubach increases colourant production capacity Article
Milliken acquires Keystone Aniline Corporation Article
BASF and Landa partner to create nano pigments for automotive coatings Article
Cerium tartrate as pigment in epoxy coatings for corrosion protection Article
Lanxess increases capacities for iron oxide pigments Article
Chromaflo Technologies opens new manufacturing facility in India Article
Elementis sells its US colourants business to Chromaflo Article
2016 results: Altana achieves sales increase and leap in earnings Article
Cerium tartrate as inhibitor pigment for corrosion protection in epoxy coatings Article
Merck generates record sales and continues to grow profitably in 2016 Article
Univar announces new distribution agreement with Angus Chemical Company Article
Sun Chemical acquires RJA Dispersions business Article
Heubach expands production capacity for anticorrosive pigments in the US Article
Orion Engineered Carbons expands carbon black capacity in Sweden Article
Zinc ferrocyanide as novel inhibiting and sensing pigment in protective coatings Article
Tronox acquires Cristal's titanium dioxide business Article
Titan dioxide: difficult times for coating manufacturers! Blog post
Huntsman names pigments & additives spin-off "Venator Materials Corporation" Article
Self-stratifying epoxy/silicone coatings for plastics Article
Merck moves executives between businesses and group functions Article
Solar spectral performance of nanopigments Article
Ferro and Simon & Werner extend distribution partnership in Germany Article
Sun Chemical’s Myron Petruch named executive officer of DIC Corporation Article
Ferro completes acquisition of Cappelle Pigments Article
New materials improve colour of reflective coatings Article
DKSH signs exclusive agreement with ICL in Japan Article
Heubach to increase bismuth vanadate pigments capacity Article
Lanxess again raises guidance for 2016 after strong third quarter Article
American Securities acquires Chromaflo Technologies Article
Ferro further expands its colours solutions business Article
Merck sets sights on 2018 and outlines future strategic roadmap Article
Fluorescence boosts performance of cool coloured pigments Article
Formulating nanocomposite coatings with remarkable anti-corrosion characteristics Article
Synthesising local clay-titanium dioxide core-shell extender pigments Article
“Soft” polymer latexes as binders for pigment printing of cotton fabrics Article
Keyser & Mackay and Promindsa expand sales cooperation Article
Ceresana analyses global market for titanium dioxide Article
BASF divests global photoinitiator business to IGM Resins Article
Union Colours appoints new regional sales manager West Africa Article
Heubach expands production capacity for inorganic colour pigments Article
Sun Chemical opens new coatings lab in Carlstadt R&D Center Article
Innospec commits to purchase Huntsman's European surfactants business Article
Huntsman plans to spin off its pigments business Article
Cathay Industries acquires Hoover Color Corporation Article
Clariant inaugurates new production plant for water-based pigment preparations Article
Cathay Industries expands iron oxide pigments production in China Article
Heubach celebrates its 210 year anniversary Article
Cathay Industries is cooperating with new European distributors Article
Huntsman begins production at new pigment plant Article
Assessment of ZnO nanoparticles as anticorrosive pigment in sol-gel films Article
Ferro and Omya strengthen partnership for pigments in Austria and Switzerland Article
Clariant with a good start into 2016 Article
New generation multi-hollow opaque polymer pigments Article
Huntsman strengthens links with Cornelius as distributor of coloured pigments Article
High-end TiO2 pigments for demanding applications Whitepaper
Stimuli and shape responsive ‘boron-containing’ luminescent organic materials Article
New book "Colour Technology of Coatings" is out Article
Lanxess: Successful fiscal year 2015 as foundation for growth Article
Titanium dioxide remains the most-in-demand type of pigments Article
Merck finishes record year 2015 stronger Article
Efficient additive for intense reds and yellows Article
Dirk Van Meirvenne to take charge of Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit Article
Merck and BrandWatch Technologies form partnership Article
Creating long-lasting coloured coatings with tuneable nanostructures Article
BASF strengthening global network for pigment production Article
New effect pigments enable warm colors with antique look for interiors Article
New book "Pigment Processing" is out Article
Orion acquires Evonik and DEG shares in Chinese carbon black Joint Venture Article
Stefan Oschmann appointed new Executive Board Chairman of Merck Article
Mifar relocates its executive offices to Milan Article
Classification of batch processes in automotive metallic coatings Article
Cathay Industries puts new spray dryers in full operation Article
Union Colours forms Indian entity named UC Pigments (India) Article
Coatings pigment provides gold-coloured concepts in printing processes Article
International Coatings Congress shows current state of innovation in coatings Article
Half-Year Results: Altana increases sales by 9 percent Article
BASF to exit dimer and polyamide resin business Article
Lanxess exceeds market expectations with strong second quarter 2015 Article
Influence of Cr content and heat treatment on the optical properties of mica pigments Article
Lubrizol expands hyperdispersant capacity in the U.S. Article
New market study about the world market for carbon black Article
Expert Voices on dispersing additives Article
BASF to set up new global business unit combining all pigments activities Article
Arpadis Benelux NV appointed as Daicolor Italy Srl’s sales representative Article
Inorganic pigments: Ferro completes acquisition of Nubiola Article
Improving the corrosion resistance of epoxy/polyamide coatings Article
Sun Chemical expands global capacity for metallic effects Article
Kuncai starts sales office in Europe Article
Pigments for automotive coatings provide novel design options Article
Licensing agreement reached on brilliant blue pigment discovered by happy accident Article
The Europeans think different about going green, what does that mean for interior paints? Article
European Coatings Show 2015 – an interview at the stand of Carl Schlenk Video
Call for Papers – Paintindia Congress 2016 Article
Ferro enters into agreement to acquire Nubiola Article
New Chevrolet concept car draped in dazzling colour from BASF Article
Reference book "Understanding Coatings Raw Materials" is out Article
Preparing UV curable-encapsulated phthalocyanine blue pigment Article
Rowasol enters into sales partnership with Asian distributor Article
Novel coatings combine protection with colour effects Article
Pouch packaging option reduces waste volume Article
Pigments: BASF expands production capacity and colour range for effect pigments Article
Printing inks: Raw material costs increase despite low oil prices Article
Frank Kother responsible for Modular Raw Material Concept at Hemmelrath Technologies Article
Colourants for every tinting need Article
Arpadis France SAS appointed as new distributor for Daicolor Italy Article
BASF to increase production capacities for bismuth vanadate pigments Article
Wetting and dispersing additive stabilises inorganic and organic pigments Article
Ter Group acquired Adiquimica in Portugal and strengthened its position in Spain Article
Cornelius Group Board reorganises for growth Article
Combining inhibitive pigments and silica particles with powder coatings Article
Hollow latex particles act as white pigment in paint film Article
Huntsman to restructure pigments unit and plans to cut 900 Jobs Article
Characterising dioxazine pigment-based monodispersed masterbatches Article
Cooperation to increase the speed and quality of coatings production Article
Pigments: Cathay completes first construction phase of new plant in China Article
CEPE LCI Database available Article
Coatings pigments: Union Colours appoints new distributors for Austria and Benelux Article
Phosphate pigments enhance anticorrosive properties of epoxy coating Article
Coatings pigments: Banner Chemicals and Pigmentan complete agreement Article
Loss on ignition test for pigment being developed by ASTM Paint Committee Article
Anticorrosive coatings pigments influence the protection of alkyd Article
Huntsman completes acquisition of rockwood’s additives and TiO2 businesses Article
Clariant opens lab facilities for pigments businesses in Malaysia Article
Pigments: Hemmelrath Technologies and BASF cooperate Article
Clariant doubles capacity for pigments in India Article
Lanxess is extending new plant for anorganic pigments Article
Union Colours to open fourth technical centre Article
Coatings pigments: Surface texture effects colour appearance of metallic coatings Article
Particle size distribution effects optical properties of titanium dioxide pigments Article
New raw materials: not all seem to be interesting for paint manufacturers Blog post
Keyser & Mackay and Bollig & Kemper expand sales partnership Article
Old effects newly explained - closer look at titanium dioxide Blog post
Launch of singing paint Article
Brighter inks, without pigment Article
NIR-reflective pigments – Regulations for comparability needed Blog post
Antibacterial agents cause synergistic effect on UV clear coatings Article
Inorganic pigments: Nubiola hikes production capacity Article
Chromaflo Technologies establishes global business development Article
Carbon black: Orion Engineered Carbons increases production capacity Article
Titanium dioxide: Cristal and Tasnee announce Joint Venture with Toho Article
Sun Chemical expands partnership with BRCS Group Article
December issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out Article
Production network for pigments: BASF announces job cuts and investments Article
Raising the performance of copper-phthalocyanine pigments Article
Pigments: Clariant acquires and invests in China Article
DSM - Securing emission profiles beyond the next decade Whitepaper
Rockwood sells performance additives and titanium dioxide businesses Article
Corrosion protection without zinc Blog post
Pigments colour shoulder to shoulder Article
Lanxess completes relocation of Group headquarters Article
Trust Chem Europe BV signs distribution contract with Proquibasa Article
Zigzag structured nanomaterials Article
Clariant expands production capacity in India Article
Zinc-free coatings pigments exhibit anticorrosive properties Article
Sun Chemical Performance Pigments expands in Latin America Article
DuPont exploring sale of performance chemicals unit Article
Mother nature's nanostructures are beautiful, but not easy to copy Article
Iron oxide pigments: Lanxess starts construction of new site in China Article
Pigment producer Trust Chem Europe moves to new office Article
Special effect pigments are compatible with resins, solvents and plastics Article
Coatings pigments: Scattering and rheology of polymer-stabilised titanium dioxide dispersions investigated Article
Colourful sand avoids toxic or fading pigmentations Article
Coatings additives: dispersants to deliver brightness and brilliance Article
Inorganic pigments to colour construction materials Article
Coatings pigments: TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles compared Article
Cathay Industries Group to build pigments plant in China Article
Lanxess to build new pigment plant in China Article
Water permeability of pigmented waterborne coatings analysed Article
Coatings production: How to enhance capacity and save energy at the same time Blog post
Pigments: Merck opens technology application network China in Shanghai Article
New epoxy/polyamide anticorrosion nanocoating developped Article
Non-flammable and IR-reflecting in very hot environments Article
Cool roof! Thanks to a blue pigment Article
Titaniumdioxide easily dispersed in water and cyclohexane Article
Light stabilizing concepts for parquet and wooden furniture reviewed Article
Micronised black iron oxide exhibits bluish undertone Article
Countdown to Turkey’s most important paint and coatings event Article
Impag and Dynax sign distribution agreement Article
Exploring the trends and developments of the coatings industry Article
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Nanocoatings to protect wood against weathering Article
„Easy dispersable pigments are a trend” Video
Pigment dispersions: Chromaflo Technologies expands support in Europe Article
Can TiO2 particles save the planet? Blog post
Understanding dispersing technology Article
How light-scattering particles could help to combat climate change Article
End-use markets drive growth in the pigments & dyes industry Article
Changing colours on a roll Article
Dramatic changes in the printing inks industry Article
The crystal ball outlook Article
Clariant strengthens pigment production for Chinese manufacturers Article
Smart-release pigments to inhibit corrosion Article
Dispersion-coated powder colouring system patented Article
Heating influences the performance of anticorrosive coatings Article
„Expanding market position“ Video
TiO2: Pricing power Video
Ways to use TiO2 more efficiently Blog post
Color trend reports for industrial coatings? Blog post
Fascination "iMetallics": Schlenk presents new App Article
Raw materials Frontpage
Anti-corrosion coating for the Eiffel Tower Article
Pigment pastes with a "green polyol" Article