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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
European Coatings Spotlight TiO2 Event
European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
Release rates from controlled release polymer coatings Article
Clariant expands catalyst production in China Article
Preparation of degradable polyurethane with low surface energy for marine antifouling coating Article
A review on protective polymeric coatings for marine applications Article
Biofouling mitigation of bilayer polysulfone membrane Article
A star-like hyperbranched polymer having hydrophilic arms Article
Copper oxide-clay composites with sub-micrometer-sized particles Article
Anticorrosion performances of modified polymeric coatings on E32 naval steel Article
Solutions for protection against fouling and biocorrosion Article
Antifouling: Using Fouling Release films Article
Development of a highly corrosion-resistant copolymer for metal surfaces Article
Design of anti-fouling/foul-release (AF/FR) amphiphilic coatings Article
Talga and Biomer to develop Graphene-enhanced TPU for industrial coatings Article
Monitoring the curing process of fairing compounds based on epoxy resins Article
Drag resistance of ship hulls Article
Market analysis of German shipbuilding Article
Hulls that glide through the water like sharks – and stay smooth Article
Superhydrophobic coatings for higher corrosion resistance of aluminium Article
Reinforcement effects on PDMS marine coatings Article
Eco-friendly design of superhydrophobic nano-magnetite/silicone composites for marine foul-release paints Article
BASF introduces new brand image of Chemetall Article
Effect of biocidal coatings on microfouling Article
Potential of the plant oleander as green antifouling technology Article
Environmentally-friendly removal of biofouling Article
Water absorption characteristics of nano-gelcoat for marine applications Article
Amphiphilic polymers as new fouling-release coatings Article
Polysiloxane coatings for anticorrosion applications in marine environment Article
Akzo Nobel reports drop in earnings due to strong headwinds Article
Mitigating corrosion and biofouling with nanofillers Article
Making ship hulls invisible for microorganisms Article
New global project addresses bioinvasions via ships’ hulls Article
Water-repairable zwitterionic polymer coatings for anti-biofouling surfaces Article
Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials Article
“A major economic concern for marine industries” Article
Long-term release of block copolymers from fouling-release coatings Article
Corrosion and fouling protection of biocide-embedded hybrid coatings Article
Smart anticorrosive coatings with multifunctional characteristics Article
PPG marks completion of coatings facility in Russia Article
Do novel hybrid coatings protect aluminum alloys from corrosion? Article
Turning the surface properties from highly hydrophobic to highly hydrophilic Article
Developing polyimide-copper antifouling coatings Article
Akzo Nobel opens new Performance Coatings facility in Thailand Article
Akzo Nobel opens production facility in South America Article
Akzo Nobel improves profitability to record levels Article
Diffusion of amphiphiles in silicone-based fouling-release coatings Article
Berger Paints and Chugoku Marine Paints sign Memorandum of Understanding Article
Hempel inaugurates new coatings factory in Kuwait Article
Hydrophobic epoxy resins modified by comb-shaped fluorinated reactive modifier Article
Hempel appoints new Chief Commercial Officer Article
Surface engineering of coatings for marine antibiofouling Article
Robust mussel-inspired coatings for controlled zinc ion release Article
Discovery results in the development of a non-toxic anti-fouling coating Article
Marine coatings market size worth over EUR14 billion by 2024 Article
Akzo Nobel publishes Q4 and full-year 2016 results Article
Defense mechanism employed by algae can effectively inhibit marine fouling Article
Developing drone technology to make marine coatings safer Article
Axalta Coating Systems acquires business of Ellis Paint Company Article
Marine coatings: Turning theory into solutions Article
Degradable polyurethane-organic release system prevents marine biofouling Article
Antifouling properties of marine bacteriocin incorporated epoxy based paint Article
Jotun Paints inaugurates new factory in Oman Article
Chitosan-zinc oxide nanocomposite coatings prevent marine biofouling Article
Barnacle busting - research targets ship biofouling Article
Electrochemical impedance study models anticorrosive performance of coatings Article
Making metal surfaces strong, resistant, and multifunctional Article
Encapsulation and incorporation of sodium molybdate in polyurethane coatings Article
Core/shell emulsion micro- and nanocontainers for water-based coatings Article
Marine paints: These are the challenges they have to overcome Blog post
Improving the performance of anticorrosive coatings with graphene Article
Synthesis of chitosan capped CuO nanoleaves and their application in antifouling coatings Article
Efficient antifouling properties based on hydrogel layer of polyacrylamide coatings Article
Constructing a hydrophilic polymer surface for underwater applications Article
Akzo Nobel produces marine and protective coatings in Russia Article
Correlation between natural exposure and artificial ageing test for marine coatings Article
Nippon Paint Marine Coatings and Wilckens form new company Article
Standards ahoy: CEPE Marine Sector Group on their current focus Article
Studying the antifouling performance of polyurethane coatings Article
New anti-biofilm coating impedes bacteria on metal surfaces Article
Antifouling performance of UV-curable methacrylated PDMS/PEG coatings Article
Flake-type nanoparticles of zinc-phosphate increase corrosion protection Article
Polyurethane self-polishing coating for marine antifouling application Article
Smart TiO2 nanocomposites for self-cleaning coatings of ship hulls Article
High-end TiO2 pigments for demanding applications Whitepaper
XRF measurements of tin, copper and zinc in antifouling paints Article
Designing bioinspired anti-biofouling surfaces Article
Anti-fouling experiment yields successful results Article
Fouling release coating delivers optimal fuel savings Article
Jotun opens new factory in Brazil Article
Hempel completes construction of its new factory in Russia Article
Microencapsulation of quinoline as corrosion inhibitor in polyurethane coatings Article
Akzo Nobel opens research facility in the US Article
Evaluating the corrosion behaviour of multilayer coatings in seawater conditions Article
Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger and cleaner Article
AkzoNobel publishes Q3 2015 results Article
"Big Data" tool predicts impact of fouling control coatings on ship efficiency Article
Investigating antifouling properties of surfaces featuring zwitterionic polymer coatings Article
Efficient coatings and its copolymers for marine and bacterial fouling prevention Article
Antifouling and antibacterial hydrogel coatings with self-healing properties Article
AkzoNobel to invest in Performance Coatings activities in Vietnam Article
US demand for paint & coatings to reach 1.4 billion gallons in 2019 Article
Improving the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy coatings Article
Green strategies for antifouling coatings Article
Developing hybrid antifouling paints Article
Degradable polyurethanes based on polyester polyols for marine antifouling Article
AkzoNobel expands performance coatings research facility in Houston Article
Preparing ZnO nanopaint for marine antifouling applications Article
Fatty acid based waterborne epoxy ester resin for coating applications Article
Structural adhesives gain DNV-GL approval for maritime applications Article
AkzoNobel to build EUR 30 million Performance Coatings facility in Thailand Article
Nanomaterials in sunscreens and boats leave marine life vulnerable Article
Superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits Article
Studying a new class of polymers for use in antifouling coatings Article
Board of Hempel is looking for a new candidate to replace current CEO Article
Strong performance gives Hempel the momentum needed for the future Article
Obtaining highly effective antifouling coatings Article
Isocyante-free 2K coatings systems:decoupling of pot-life and cure speed Blog post
New report profiles Asia-Pacific paints market 2013 and forecasts for 2018 Article
New range of marine coatings reduces maintenance costs Article
Cargo tank coating selected by shipowner Article
Towards a metrology for characterisation of nanostructured hydrophobic coatings Article
Hempel continues global expansion with its first factory in Africa Article
Akzo Nobel Performance Coatings adds capacity in Indonesia Article
Back to the future - without biocides? Blog post
Jotun Paints announces EUR 2,39 million investment in Kenya Article
Evaluating tannin as antifouling agent in epoxy paint for marine application Article
Advanced micro/nanocapsules for self-healing smart anticorrosion coatings Article
Marine coatings market worth EUR 8.37 billion by 2019 Article
Researchers enhance anti-corrosive coatings with modified nanoparticles Article
Studying corrosion protection of mild steel by sol-gel coating Article
Growth expected to improve in China's anticorrosion coating market Article
New wind tunnel allows anti-icing tests under realistic conditions Article
Graphene paints a corrosion-free future Article
Researchers test protective coatings under offshore site conditions Article
Coating protects shipping in harsh environments Article
Hempel opens new factory in India Article
Inspired by mussels, barnacles and yummy oysters Blog post
Performance Coatings: Akzo Nobel invests in new business structure Article
Coatings binders: Nano silica enhances anticorrosion performance of epoxy coatings Article
CFD model predicts frictional resistance of antifouling coatings Article
Functional coatings: Preparing a polydimethylsiloxane based superhydrophobic coating Article
CFD model predicts frictional resistance of antifouling coatings Article
Antifouling coatings avoid biofouling settlement on submerged substrates Article
Replacing toxic additives in marine paints Article
Polymer microparticles with silver nanoparticles reduce fouling Article
In what way do we expect to be rewarded for sustainable behavior? Blog post
Rewarding the shipping industry with carbon credits Article
Coatings preferences – national differences? Blog post
Hull coating provides advantages to fleet operators around the world Article
Crosslinked polymer multilayers stabilize antifouling coatings Article
Using artificial neural networks to evaluate antifouling paints Article
PPG to acquire Panama-based protective and marine coatings distributor Article
Global marine coatings market to grow Article
Researchers isolate natural antifouling product Article
PPG to invest USD 27 million in San Juan del Rio facility Article
UV-curable polyurethane acrylates inhibit fouling Article
Why development for marine coatings? Blog post
Achieving antifouling activity with anti-histamine compounds Article
Loperamide-based compounds manage biofouling Article
New class of binders exhibits antifouling activity Article
Chromium-free coatings technology eliminates toxicity Article
Diisocyanates influence the properties of marine coatings Article
Mullite coatings exhibit suitable structural integrity as EBCs Article
Protecting hulls with satisfaction guarantee Article
How dangerous are silica? Article
Red wine, dark chocolate and green tea are the basis for new functional coatings Article
Functional coatings: the only hot topic in coatings technology? Blog post
High-build polyaspartic urethane makes one-coat protection possible Article
Epoxy anticorrosive has antifouling properties Article
“Barnacles dig their own grave” Article
Antifouling agent on it's way to through the BPD jungle Article
Nippon Paint kicks off construction of new plant in Vietnam Article
Asia-Pacific marine coatings market to witness steady growth Article
Degradable polyurethane has good antifouling ability Article
High-performance antifouling for ships introduced Article
PPG begins producing protective and marine coatings at Poland facility Article
Comparing corrosion protection of epoxy and polyurethane based coatings Article
Coating provides resilient hull protection Article
EU study recognises halogen-free flame retardants Article
Tutorial provides the detailed scientific background of antifouling coatings Article
Coating to control fouling in aggressive environments Article
More than a drop in the ocean Article
Castor oil is a shelter for Aluminium Article
Environmental impact of antifouling coatings scrutinised Article
U.S. Defense Department appreciates project on corrosion-protection Article
New lab test method determines leaching data Article
Hydrophobic coating to protect limestone buildings Article
New hybrid epoxy–silane coatings for improved corrosion protection designed Article
Guidance to evaluate efficacy of antifouling coatings Article
Electrochemical, UV-weathering and mechanical resistant hydrophobic coating developed Article
Wetting agents simplify waterbased formulations Article
Solvent-free coating to protect wind turbines Article
Keeping nuts and bolts without any corrosion Article
Preserving wood with sol-gel technology Article
Sweet and “green”: date palm juice could serve as corrosion-inhibitor Article
Catching up on the basic principles for all coating related topics Article
Foul-release coatings combat infestation of mussels Article
High-solids antifoulings with stronger ROI available Article
Organic thin-film transistors developed Article
Green slime works against bacteria Article
Heavy duty coatings: International Paint discontinues using lead chromates Article
Protect carbon steel with siloxane sol films Article
“Nature’s cookbook” used for synthesis of nacre Article
Exploring the trends and developments of the coatings industry Article
PPG and Asian Paints to expand India coatings joint venture Article
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Fight against algaes with marine coatings – next round with bactericidal nano-agents Article
Mixing biocides tunes the paint Article
Ultra-strong structural adhesive based on carbon nanotubes available Article
New anticorrosion concepts: sexy, but not practicable Blog post
Marine coatings experts meet in Singapore Article
Smart as skin - how corrosion protection becomes intelligent Article
Self-structuring particles protect metals against corrosion Article
Tara tannin to serve as natural biocide Article
The subsurface composition of a material influences the adhesion of bacteria Article
UV-curable solvent-free antifouling coating prepared Article
Medical coating on implants prevents thrombus formation Article
Non-halogenated flame retardants launched Article
Study compares aging of marine coating in natural and artificial sea water Article
Monitoring microbial contamination Article
BASF opens new application centre at its Oldenburg site Article
Anticorrosion properties of zinc-rich organic coatings improved Article
Smart-release pigments to inhibit corrosion Article
Dive into the ocean of ideas Article
Strategies to combat biological growth in marine coatings Article
Floating in freshwater may affect antifouling performance Article
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