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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Recyclable printing ink system for flexography Article
Preparation of UV curable organic/inorganic hybrid coatings Article
Follmann joins the European initiative CEFLEX Article
Hubergroup as the main partner at the C2C Congress 2020 Article
Azelis joins Together for Sustainability Article
Altana wants to become carbon dioxide neutral by 2025 Article
Ultrasound-assisted synthesis and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles Article
High-performance materials from plants Article
Kraton earns Ecovadis silver-level sustainability rating Article
Antimicrobial paints may cause more harm than good Article
Future opportunities for bio-based adhesives Article
Antibacterial properties of poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces Article
New route for fabrication of the corrosion-resistant superhydrophobic surface Article
Production of bio-based acrylic acid Article
HMG Paints named amongst Innovation100 Article
Cardanol-based anhydride curing agent for epoxy coatings Article
Enhancing the hydrophobicity of concrete in harsh conditions Article
Potential of the plant oleander as green antifouling technology Article
British Coatings Federation wins Industry Leadership Award 2017 Article
Environmentally-friendly removal of biofouling Article
Influence of glutaraldehyde on the performance of MDF adhesives Article
How do recycled concrete aggregates modify the self-healing properties? Article
Bioadhesive derived from distillers' dried grains with solubles Article
Fortifying concrete by adding recycled plastic Article
Facile preparation of bio-based polyesters Article
Heubach India receives ICC award for Responsible Care for the year 2016 Article
Lanxess enhances research on next generation materials Article
Developing acrylated soybean oil-based UV-curable coatings Article
Conference from BCF underscores importance of behavioural safety approaches Article
Know your cement, get greener concrete Article
Self-healing nanogel composite embedded with epoxy as eco-friendly coating Article
Intumescent coatings formulated with vegetable compounds Article
New approaches in corrosion protection Article
Akzo Nobel launches sustainable paint factory in the UK Article
Bio-based resin for stable timber construction materials Article
Identifiying odourous constituents in acrylic adhesives Article
Plant oil derived epoxy thermosets Article
Anticorrosive water-borne paints with reduced phosphate content Article
New study forecasts global rise in demand for plasticisers Article
Hoover Color and Ecoat announces project for more environmentalism Article
New waste packaging guidance launched Article
Barrier coatings for flexible packaging paper Article
Polymerisation pilot facilities accelerate development of bio-based materials Article
Could concrete help solve the problem of air pollution? Article
Novel flame retardant epoxy curing agents from renewable resources Article
EU observatory for nanomaterials launched Article
Palm oil fuel ash as supplementary cementitious material Article
Novel biobased epoxy coatings for glass toughening applications Article
Promising feedstocks for a sustainable chemical industry Article
Triple protection for heat-exchangers Article
Do nanoparticles remain unpredictable? Article
Concrete substitute brings advantages Article
High bio-content natural plant oil based UV-curable branched oligomers Article
Discovery results in the development of a non-toxic anti-fouling coating Article
Novel antimicrobial coatings should prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria Article
Potential of a novel waterborne polyurethane as biomaterial Article
Self-healing hydrogel based on surfactant-free hydrophobic association Article
Defense mechanism employed by algae can effectively inhibit marine fouling Article
Waterborne polyurethanes with a novel emulsifier derived from sunflower oil Article
Breaking new ground for a biobased railcar coating Article
Formaldehyde-free adhesive for industrial use in the wood-processing industry Article
Akzo Nobel signs agreement on bio-based polymer technology with Itaconix Article
Climate-friendly cement substitute Article
Renewably sourced phenolic resins from lignin bio-oil Article
Biodegradable resin for adhesives and coatings Article
Study of a hemp concrete wall exposed to outdoor climate Article
Legal regulations in the coatings industry Article
Alkyd resins based on PET waste for coating applications Article
BCF launches next phase of VOC compliance campaign Article
Backbone-degradable polymers prepared by chemical vapour deposition Article
New sustainable routes for non-isocyanate polyurethanes Article
Developments in the application of chemical approaches to rubberised asphalt Article
BASF's integrated paint process conserves resources during automotive production Article
Substantial global carbon uptake by cement carbonation Article
Saudi Aramco acquires Novomer’s polyol business Article
Chitosan-zinc oxide nanocomposite coatings prevent marine biofouling Article
BASF declares force majeure for the supply of dispersions and hotmelts Article
Barnacle busting - research targets ship biofouling Article
Preparing high efficiency solar cells from novel non-toxic hybrid ink Article
Solvent-free processing and re-processing polymers with light Article
British Coatings Federation launches new consumer-focused website Article
Budenheim increases production capacity of halogen-free flame retardants in China Article
New green coating protects metals against corrosion Article
Recent advances in bio-based epoxy resins and curing agents Article
Fireproof coatings produced using magnetic nanoparticles Article
BASF boosts R&D in Asia Pacific for automotive coatings Article
Characterising lightweight mortars containing wood processing by-products waste Article
Shape memory composite self-healing coatings for corrosion protection Article
New insights in furanic intermediates and aromatic derivatives from biomass Article
Partitioning properties of silicone for passive sampling of PCB in indoor air Article
Using layered double hydroxides to reduce VOCs from bituminous materials Article
Recycling of dimensional stone waste in concrete Article
New low gloss powder coatings based on acrylic solid resins and nanoadditives Article
Lignocellulosic biomass as sustainable platform for the production of bio-based polymers Article
Consortium markets paints for industrial coatings based on bio-based raw materials Article
Bio-based water-borne polyurethanes for coating applications Article
A smarter, safer way to reduce corrosion Article
Treatments of plant biomass for cementitious building materials Article
ECHA releases French dossier on titanium dioxide for public comment Article
Coating properties of acrylated soybean oil modified epoxy resins Article
Curing concrete cancer Article
Anti-bacterial coatings combat hospital-acquired infections Article
PaintCare enters the House of Lords in Circular Economy Debate Article
Coatings binders: DRT breaks ground on U.S. facility in Georgia Article
VOC-free two component polyurethane coatings based on rapeseed oil polyols Article
XRF measurements of tin, copper and zinc in antifouling paints Article
Corbion opens advanced R&D and applications laboratory Article
Digital inks: Vinylcarbonates as promising alternatives to acrylate based systems Article
Natural adhesive could support biomedical applications Article
Recycling of autoclaved aerated concrete in floor screeds Article
Bio-inspired antifouling approaches Article
Improving cardanol derived epoxy coatings Article
Multilayer PET packages to become resins for coatings Article
Bio-based polyurethanes for environment-friendly coating systems Article
Univar acquires Polymer Technologies Ltd. Article
Preparing UV-curable multi-arms cardanol-based acrylates Article
Fouling release coating delivers optimal fuel savings Article
BCF launches sustainability report for the UK coatings industry Article
Sustainability in the supply chain - successful audit of Evonik’s site in Herne Article
Palm oil fuel ash as potential green micro-filler in polymer concrete Article
British Coatings Federation launches PaintCare in Parliament Article
New epoxy blends for biobased coatings Article
New class of materials: hybrid aerogels with biopolymers Article
Green solvents market is expected to reach EUR11.8 billion, globally by 2020 Article
Production of special coating to increase efficiency of solar cells Article
Elevance elects Tony Parnell as new CEO Article
Bioengineered mussel glue as bone adhesive for titanium implants Article
"Big Data" tool predicts impact of fouling control coatings on ship efficiency Article
Nanocomposites as efficient UV-shielding coatings for packaging applications Article
The EU Servowood Project – predicting the service life of exterior wood coatings Article
Ecological enhancement of concrete based coastal and marine infrastructure Article
Novel alkyd-type coating resins produced using cationic polymerisation Article
Developing corrosion protective polyurethane coating from mahua oil Article
Influence of phosphate tailings on hydration and properties of Portland cement Article
Sustainable lactide caprolactone co-polymer for hot melt adhesives Article
Bayer MaterialScience: 50 years of HDI production in Leverkusen Article
Waterborne acrylic-casein latexes as eco-friendly binders for coatings Article
On the track of nanomaterials Article
Evaluating biocides in polymer dispersions Article
Fatty acid based waterborne epoxy ester resins for coating applications Article
Green strategies for antifouling coatings Article
Concrete heating Article
Advances in polymer nanocomposites for anticorrosion applications Article
Pure industrial chemicals by gasifying lignocellulosic biomass Article
Cellulose turning into a supermaterial of the future Article
New class of polymers can be endlessly reshaped and recycled Article
Huber acquires halogen-free fire retardant technology from Floridienne Article
Fighting climate change - with cement Article
Turning paper industry waste into chemicals Article
Waste-to-chemicals consortium boosted by new partners Article
Saving money and the environment with 3-D printing Article
Non-flammable, green alternative solvents to methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) Article
Xylan as green binder for wood adhesives Article
Nanomaterials in sunscreens and boats leave marine life vulnerable Article
BCF launches PaintCare to make better use of leftover decorative paint Article
Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide Article
Rapid screening test for polystyrene foams containing the flame retardant HBCDD Article
Inkjet printing process for Kesterite solar cells Article
Designing acrylic-styrenic coatings bearing reactive aldehyde functions Article
Coating hardener from biomass improves carbon credentials Article
Paint uses UV energy absorbed during daylight to glow at night Article
Be ready for a tinted green future Article
Making bio-inspired flame retardants in a jiffy Article
Emerald Kalama Chemical enters distribution agreement for Germany and France Article
DRT extends international network in Central Europe Article
Pouch packaging option reduces waste volume Article
Designing innovative acrylic-styrenic coatings bearing aldehyde functions Article
Hot melt adhesive market in China to reach EUR 2.22 billion in 2019 Article
Studying melamino crosslinkers for use in epoxy can coatings Article
Powder coating can reflect up to 30 percent more light Article
Axalta opens new waterborne coatings plant in Shanghai Article
Green ink in all colours - printing ink from renewable resources Article
Study analyses emerging markets and opportunities of specialty biocides Article
BASF to increase production capacities for bismuth vanadate pigments Article
Using chitosan as potent candidate for green adhesive market Article
Abrafati 2015 - Call for Papers Article
Evaluating tannin as antifouling agent in epoxy paint for marine application Article
Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity Article
Spiky “hedgehog particles” make paints safer Article
Industrial paint removal with ecofriendly strippers Article
Thermal processing of soybean oil to obtain bio-based polymers and oil Article
Thermoactivated hardener enables efficient coating of plastic add-on parts Article
The coatings industry reports highest recycling levels Article
Technology reduces biocides in paints and adhesives Article
Guideline through the labyrinth of nanomaterials Article
Eight years of REACH – an overall success but still much work ahead Article
Synthesising bio-based polyester resins for waterborne UV coatings Article
Lignin replaces fossil bitumen in asphalt Article
Call for Paper: Present your discovery at the Coatings Innovation Day 2015 Article
AkzoNobel and partners looking to turn sugar beet into raw materials Article
Sulfate-phosphate pollutants attack reinforced concrete Article
Nanosafety research – there’s room for improvement Article
CEPE LCI Database available Article
Depolymerising polysiloxanes to produce well-defined products Article
Some companies are in a higher league when it comes to sustainability Blog post
British Coatings Federation leads delegation to Brussels Article
SIN List updated with new tool for sustainable substitution launched Article
Dissolving cellulose? – mission accomplished! Blog post
Coatings pigments: Banner Chemicals and Pigmentan complete agreement Article
Chemical companies release guidance for environmental footprint of products Article
Studying corrosion protection of mild steel by sol-gel coating Article
AkzoNobel and Photanol develop chemical compounds of the future Article
AkzoNobel ranked top of DJSI for third year Article
Nine new substances added to the Authorisation List Article
Sea polluted by paint dust Article
Lignins - A "nice-to-have"! Blog post
Developing chromate-free corrosion inhibitors Article
Solving the green PET problem Article
Why are specific classes of binders used in specific applications? Article
Can PVC waste be used for asphalting roads? Article
No management without measurement: an imperative for those committed to sustainable development Blog post
Chromium-free coatings technology eliminates toxicity Article
Lungs may suffer when certain elements go nano Article
Coatings prevent spread of drug resistant bacteria Article
Reducing the release of SiO2 nanoparticles from paint Article
Prepolymers from green tea extract provide bio-based epoxy resin Article
EFSA aims to lower the levels for bisphenol A Article
Facade paints: There is no risk of nano-dust danger Article
A strategy to prevent asthma through building product selection Article
New functions and sustainability drive future coatings Article
Whitepaper discusses requirements for self adhesive labels Article
Greening the chemical industry Article
The key to Sustainability is innovation, but are Coatings companies spending enough on growth oriented R&D? Blog post
Creating global standards: Way to go, Singapore! Blog post
Has the time come to address questions of sustainability objectively & consistently? Blog post
AkzoNobel and Solvay demonstrate their Sustainability credentials yet again! Blog post
Solvert & Suez Environnement cooperate to produce biobased chemicals from organic waste Article
What is labeling good for? Article
Stick a label on it = eco-friendly? Blog post
AkzoNobel and Solvay establish new partnership model Article
Axalta Coating Systems to build waterborne paint production facility in China Article
APIC Meeting 2013: "a more pan-Asian approach would be reasonable" Article
Green construction chemistries awarded with the NOVA price Article
From lab to market- how fast is it? Blog post
Taken from the other coatings industry Blog post
Funding innovation projects at SMEs Blog post
Where is the limit for resource efficiency? Blog post
Scarcity of raw materials Blog post
Does the coatings industry have an image problem? Blog post
Winterfeelings Blog post
Less raw materials, higher prices and no end in sight Blog post