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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Keyword: Construction chemicals

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European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
European Coatings Spotlight TiO2 Event
European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
Research on the long-term effectiveness of preservation materials of ancient mortar Article
Norbert Schröter elected European Concrete Platform President Article
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
Sika opens mortar plant in Ethiopia Article
Sika acquires Romanian manufacturer of construction materials Article
Synthomer: new production capacity in Germany Article
Recent progress in low-carbon binders Article
High protective performance coatings for mild steel Article
Usage of low-quality industrial residues for eco-friendly cement production Article
Rice water for the consolidation of lime mortar Article
Remmers internationalises web presence Article
Perstorp starts up capacity expansion for pentaerythritol Article
Vegetable ashes as supplementary cementitious materials Article
Effect of surface coatings on protection of concrete against sewage-induced degradation Article
Alternative cement clinkers Article
Nucleation seeding with calcium silicate Article
Impact of initial CA dissolution on the hydration mechanism of CAC Article
Silica fume and fly ash lightweight concrete in harsh marine environment Article
Calcium carbonate precipitation and its effects on the degradation of oil well cement Article
Possibilities of particle-bed 3D printing in concrete construction Article
Technical, economic and environmental potentials of 3D printing with concrete Article
Challenges for robotic in situ fabrication in architecture and construction Article
Rheological requirements for printable concretes Article
Concrete material science: Past, present, and future innovations Article
3D analysis of moisture migration in concrete Article
Modelisation of chloride reactive transport in concrete Article
Estimations applied to cement-based materials at early-age Article
Reduction of moisture susceptibility of cold asphalt mixtures Article
Sika expands production in USA Article
Enhancing the hydrophobicity of concrete in harsh conditions Article
Sika opens concrete admixture factory in Cameroon Article
Sika acquires automotive supplier in acoustics Article
Effects of nonionic surfactants on stability of latex in cement paste Article
Sika commences concrete reinforcing fiber production for region EMEA Article
Bioinspired route toward elastic concrete materials Article
Construction chemicals: “Demand in Russia is approaching that one of Europe“ Article
How do recycled concrete aggregates modify the self-healing properties? Article
Sika opens second production facility in Angola Article
Evonik makes further progress in the third quarter Article
Sika acquires Butterfield Color in the US Article
Akzo Nobel completes expansion of Surface Chemistry plant in China Article
Fortifying concrete by adding recycled plastic Article
New concrete makes buildings earthquake-resistant Article
European ETICS Forum 2017 with record participation Article
Sika expands in Pakistan with new production facility Article
Sika: “Our target is to establish 105 national subsidiaries by 2020” Article
Know your cement, get greener concrete Article
BASF opens production site of construction chemicals in Saint Petersburg Article
Asphalt helps lithium batteries charge faster Article
Kuraray to buy Calgon Carbon Article
Workability and strength performance of blended cements Article
Adduct hardeners and REACH Article
Modifying bitumen emulsions with triblock copolymer latex Article
Akzo Nobel studies plans to build cellulosic ethers plant Article
Carbonation of low-alkalinity mortars Article
BASF to acquire Solvay’s global polyamide business Article
Bio-based resin for stable timber construction materials Article
Sika acquires manufacturer of waterproofing systems and mortars Article
Innovative approach to 3D concrete printing Article
Wacker celebrates 40th anniversary of its South American headquarters Article
Could fungi repair cracks in concrete? Article
Bacteria based self healing concrete Article
Effect of expox resin on the properties of high-porosity cement foam Article
Corrosion performance of blended cement concrete in marine environment Article
When the ravages of time gnaw on reinforced concrete Article
Resistance of alkali-activated binders against organic acid attacks Article
DKSH opens specialty chemicals innovation center in the Philippines Article
Super-robust superhydrophobic concrete Article
Rehabilitating concrete with self-healing techniques Article
Influence of titanium dioxide on the thermal insulation of fire protective paints Article
Sika invests in membrane production in Russia Article
Could concrete help solve the problem of air pollution? Article
Sika appoints new Regional Manager EMEA Article
Autogenous shrinkage of high performance concrete Article
New building material: Merging two into one Article
Akzo Nobel makes double acquisition Article
Effect of UVA photocatalysis on soot-coated TiO2-containing mortars Article
Hempel invests in life-saving fire protection coatings Article
Future of water-borne products under threat Article
Sika opens new production facility in Africa Article
Hydrophobic associated copolymer as synthetic cement retarder Article
Palm oil fuel ash as supplementary cementitious material Article
Geopolymer mortars as sustainable repair material Article
Preventing microbial corrosion of concrete with bactericides Article
Sika: Paul Schuler succeeds Jan Jenisch as CEO Article
Polymer latexes with varied glass transition temperature for cement Article
Impact resistance of high strength-high ductility concrete Article
Sika invests in larger production site in Kazakhstan Article
Thermal decomposition and fire response of thermal coatings for concrete Article
New technique could help turn Mars or moon rocks into concrete Article
Superhydrophobic rice husk ash coating on concrete Article
Heubach increases colourant production capacity Article
Improved corrosion protection with flake-type zinc-phosphate particles Article
Sika starts strong with 10.7% sales growth in the first quarter of 2017 Article
Superhydrophobic rice husk ash coating on concrete Article
Influence of early water exposure on modified cementitious coating Article
Self-healing efficiency of ferrite-filled asphalt mixture after microwave irradiation Article
Concrete substitute brings advantages Article
Univar announces new distribution agreement with Angus Chemical Company Article
Investigating pyrite tailings-based mineral admixtures with photocatalytic activity Article
Wacker expands production capacity for dispersions in Germany Article
Synthomer invests EUR20 million in dispersion plant in Germany Article
BASF strengthens collaboration with Grolman in Europe Article
Study on self-healing microcapsule containing rejuvenator for asphalt Article
Probing ways to turn cement’s weakness to strength Article
Applications of using nano material in concrete Article
Climate-friendly cement substitute Article
Review on surface treatment for concrete Article
Sika acquires Austrian manufacturer of waterproofing systems Article
Study of a hemp concrete wall exposed to outdoor climate Article
Axalta Coating Systems acquires business of Ellis Paint Company Article
Ferro and Simon & Werner extend distribution partnership in Germany Article
A unique additive for the ideal concrete Article
Sika opens first concrete admixture production plant in Ethiopia Article
Assessing the interaction between mechanical and thermal properties in concrete Article
Construction chemicals: Sika acquires Rmax Operating, LLC Article
Decoding cement’s shape promises greener concrete Article
Performance enhancement of oxidised bitumen binder using epoxy resin Article
Cleaning effectiveness of anti-graffiti protected surfaces Article
Developments in the application of chemical approaches to rubberised asphalt Article
Functionally layered sensing skin detects corrosive elements and cracking Article
Substantial global carbon uptake by cement carbonation Article
Paint and coatings: Emulsion polymers grow 5.4% annually through 2020 Article
Utilising waste glass in translucent and photocatalytic concrete Article
Improving the performance of soft asphalt for coating applications Article
New Wacker pilot reactor for dispersions begins operations in China Article
The future of plastering Blog post
Brenntag strengthens specialty chemicals business in Asia Pacific Article
Sika acquires mortar manufacturer in Hong Kong Article
Ferro further expands its colours solutions business Article
Advanced evaluation of asphalt mortar for induction healing purposes Article
Portland cement paste with aligned carbon fibers exhibits high flexural strength Article
Numerical modelling of porous cement-based materials by superabsorbent polymers Article
On-demand asphalt healing using nanomagnets Article
BASF to replace acetylene plant in Ludwigshafen Article
Studying the corrosion kinetics of hardened Portland cement under acid attack Article
Celanese begins production at new Singapore VAE emulsions unit Article
Probabilistic analysis of fatigue life for asphalt mixtures Article
Early-age elastic properties of cement-based materials Article
BASF intends to acquire Henkel’s Western European building material business Article
Combining methacrylated alginate with acid monomers for concrete applications Article
Sika opens mortar technology centre in Germany Article
Sika acquires US concrete fiber producer Article
Sika opens new national subsidiaries in Djibouti and Cameroon Article
BASF opens plant in Sri Lanka to meet demand for construction chemicals Article
New type of concrete reduces time needed for road works Article
Impregnation and encapsulation of lightweight aggregates for self-healing concrete Article
Chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement in low-calcium geopolymer concrete Article
Balancing strength of Portland cement concrete via nanovoids and particle inclusions Article
Researchers develop environmentally friendly eco-concrete Article
Water-resistant thanks to a biofilm Article
Forming a new type of asphalt Article
Sika expands production site in Austria Article
Characterising lightweight mortars containing wood processing by-products waste Article
Sika opens new production plant in Australia Article
Safic-Alcan completes acquisition of its Swedish subsidiary Safic-Alcan Nordic Article
Macroscopic ice lens growth in hardened concrete Article
LafargeHolcim enters into agreement with Nirma for divestment of Lafarge India Article
Covestro expands position in coating raw materials Article
Partitioning properties of silicone for passive sampling of PCB in indoor air Article
Sika strengthens presence in Latin America Article
Using layered double hydroxides to reduce VOCs from bituminous materials Article
Recycling of dimensional stone waste in concrete Article
Wacker invests in new production site for silicone sealants in South Korea Article
Elemental zonation in marine concrete Article
BRB opens new silicone synthesis plant in Malaysia Article
Treatments of plant biomass for cementitious building materials Article
Sika opens second factory in Thailand Article
Finding a new formula for concrete Article
Carbonation of cement-based materials: Challenges and opportunities Article
Curing concrete cancer Article
Relationship between microstructures of different bitumina and their performance as binder Article
High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete: a review Article
Asphalt’s miraculous cure Article
BASF’s construction chemicals division expands production in Russia Article
Quantifying sea-water exposed mortar through a simple permeability test Article
Sika: Strong start to the year with 8.3% sales growth in first quarter 2016 Article
Elemental zonation in marine concrete Article
Sika acquires L.M. Scofield in the US Article
Short-term evaluation of crack sealing and filling Article
Singapore: Wacker expands Technical Center and includes lab for silicone elastomers Article
IMCD and Ashland announce extension of distribution agreement to Turkey Article
Early age carbonation curing for precast reinforced concretes Article
Evonik starts construction of a new specialty silicones production facility in China Article
Krahn Chemie: Cooperation with Akzo Nobel in Benelux expanded Article
Improving self-consolidating concrete suitable for bridge building Article
ChemQuest appoints Edye Fox Abrams as director of business development Article
RPM acquires U.S. manufacturer Seal-Krete Article
Recycling of autoclaved aerated concrete in floor screeds Article
Construction applications: Wacker strengthens presence in Latin America Article
Krahn Chemie takes over business of Lapis Minerals & Chemicals Article
Mesoscale texture of cement hydrates Article
Investigating epoxy-resin-modified asphalt binder Article
Why not recycled concrete? Article
Long-lasting rust protection for offshore wind turbines Article
Elcometer consolidates European manufacturing operations Article
Experimental study on long-term compressive strength of concrete Article
De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety Article
Polymers from natural sources as protective coatings for stone surfaces Article
Wacker expands production capacity for high-quality silicone fluids Article
Construction chemistry teaching material: From Caves to Skyscrapers Article
Stones on stone: concrete as data recording medium for music Article
Preparing asphalt sealants for bridge expansion joints Article
Self-compacting, and now fire resistant as well Article
Sika opens new mortar plant in Philadelphia Article
Evaluating the performance of different titanium dioxide binder mixtures Article
Silica-based self-healing microcapsules for self-repair in concrete Article
Palm oil fuel ash as potential green micro-filler in polymer concrete Article
Steel-concrete-steel sandwich system in Arctic offshore structure Article
Wacker builds new pilot reactor for dispersions in China Article
Characterisation of concrete surface in relation to graffiti protection coatings Article
New class of materials: hybrid aerogels with biopolymers Article
Investigating concrete mixes with low-energy demanding binders Article
Investigating reaction products formed by the alkali-silica reaction in concrete structures Article
Role of naphthenates and kaolinite in toluene and toluene-bitumen emulsions Article
BASF starts up production plant for specialty amines in Ludwigshafen Article
Self-healing – the latest fad? Blog post
Self-healing concrete slows down effects of deterioration Article
Sika expands footprint in Africa Article
Self-sealing of cracks in concrete using superabsorbent polymers Article
Photocatalytic functions of self-compacting architectural glass mortars Article
Ecological enhancement of concrete based coastal and marine infrastructure Article
Effect of key mixture parameters on the properties of reactive powder concrete Article
Brilliant decorative solid-state thin films for metallic coverings and facades Article
Corrosion protection for reinforcing metal Article
Influence of phosphate tailings on hydration and properties of Portland cement Article
Performance evaluation of sugarcane bagasse ash blended cement in concrete Article
Fundamentals of polymer-modified asphalts and principles of compatibility Article
Valorisation of co-combustion fly ash in concrete production Article
Determining the thickness of passive fire protection for concrete tunnel segments Article
Polycoat Products acquires Crown Polymers Article
Limestone derived from eggshell powder as replacement in Portland cement mortar Article
Concrete heating Article
Optimising polycarboxylate cement dispersants to achieve fast-flowing mortar Article
Krahn Chemie renames Dutch subsidiary to Krahn Chemie Benelux Article
Concrete cracks heal themselves Article
Sun Chemical expands global capacity for metallic effects Article
BASF inaugurates world-scale acrylic acid complex in Brazil Article
Fighting climate change - with cement Article
Borregaard and Rayonier Advanced Materials invest in new lignin operation Article
Mitigation system granted patent protection for waterproof adhesive technology Article
Wacker expands technical center in Moscow Article
Single ply roofing membranes gain market share Article
Dow starts up new polyether polyols plant in Thailand Article
Rapid screening test for polystyrene foams containing the flame retardant HBCDD Article
BASF unveils largest construction chemicals plant in India Article
“Highly specialised products”: Interview on construction chemicals Article
Sika strengthens presence in Asia Pacific Article
Natural nanocrystals shown to strengthen concrete Article
Coatings additive prevents foaming in aqueous systems Article
Gold medal for fire resistant coating based on epoxy resin Article
Sika acquires Construction Technologies Australia Article
Bodo Möller Chemie takes over trading business for Organik Kimya in Northern Europe Article
Robot inspects concrete garage floors and bridge roadways for damage Article
Planning Movement Joints in Facades - now available in English Article
Sika continues expansion with the acquisition of US mortar producer BMI Article
Evaluating self-healing efficiency in cementitious materials Article
US demand for construction chemicals to exceed EUR 10.84 billion in 2018 Article
Enhancing the rheological and mechanical properties of bitumen Article
New insights into the prehydration of cement and its mitigation Article
Sika acquires adhesive manufacturer Duro-Moza in Mozambique Article
Hempel to acquire Jones-Blair Company Article
Sika enters into negotiations to acquire Axson Technologies Article
Predicting the behaviour of new concrete formulas Article
Bodo Möller Chemie strengthens new Partnership in South Africa Article
Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete Article
Investigating concrete with antifreeze admixtures in low temperatures Article
Enhancing corrosion resistance of reinforced concrete structures Article
Lignin replaces fossil bitumen in asphalt Article
Michelman invests in nano-level imaging technology Article
Studying bituminous mixtures made with recycled concrete aggregates Article
Sulfate-phosphate pollutants attack reinforced concrete Article
Fire resistant coating now approved for concrete Article
By mimicking nature, additive protects roads against frost damage Article
Biomineralised cement pastes: Vegetative bacterial cells impact strength Article
Fascination concrete Article
Preparing polymer-modified mortar with styrene-acrylic copolymer Article
Bostik opens production unit in Malaysia Article
Synthopol celebrates topping out ceremony for a new production building Article
Construction chemicals: Improving the chloride resistance of concrete Article
Limestone particle size distributions influence blended cement Article
Curing compound protects concrete against drying cracks Article
Sika is settling down in business in Sri Lanka Article
Evaluating a novel slag binder for the immobilisation of lead and zinc Article
Novel polymer nano-particles interact with cement Article
Recycled aggregate from construction waste and its use in concrete Article
Efficacy of alkali-polymer modified jute in controlling cement hydration reaction Article
Characterising the pores of concrete with water vapor Article
Evaluating the fracture behaviour of bitumen emulsion mortar mixtures Article
Optimising the polymer content to control the hydration kinetics of cement Article
Polymer grinding aids effect the strength of cement Article
Sensing skin quickly detects cracks Article
Using methylsilicones in radiation-chemical protection of concrete Article
Silane and TMPTMA effect the compressive strength of acrylic polymer concrete Article
Basic oxygen furnace slag influences the bonding strength of asphalt binder Article
TiO2 and ZnO powder affect photocatalytic activity of cement pastes Article
Dynamic retarder exchange triggers Portland cement hydration Article
Nano-Silica influences the properties of recycled concrete Article
Fines content affects packing density in concrete Article
Hydration of cement regenerated from recyclable concrete Article
Admixture protects concrete Article
Can PVC waste be used for asphalting roads? Article
Moisture-buffering plaster sucks up water vapour Article
Researchers examine considerations of nanotechnology Article
Microcapsule is designed for self-healing in concrete environment Article
Kaolin accelerates film formation of latex polymers in cement Article
Construction chemicals: Sika strengthens position in Brazil through acquisition Article
Sika acquires remaining shares of Dyflex Japan and achieves 100% ownership Article
Can plastic waste be reused for the production of concrete? Article
Innovative soil-cement block eliminates settling mortar Article
"The moment of truth is coming closer" Article
Controlling the rheology of modern concrete Article
Eco-friendly cement is strong and durable Article
Ashes to ashes and some powder rest in green peace Article
How dangerous are silica? Article
Preventing nature with old concrete against algae growth Article
Carbon nanofibres convert cement into electrical conductor Article
Sunflower seeds to promote eco-friendly concrete Article
Soudal acquires TKK Article
Construction chemicals: Celanese Emulsions and Ha-Be Betonchemie sign distribution agreement Article
Inorganic pigments to colour construction materials Article
“Internally cured” concrete to improve bridges Article
Scott Bader buys ATC Formulated Polymers Inc. Article
Construction chemicals market in Poland to decline Article
Recycling of paper waste leads to new construction bricks Article
Portlandcement-alternatives fail due to their density Article
Green construction chemistries awarded with the NOVA price Article
Sika buys construction chemicals company in South America Article
BASF to strengthen competitiveness of construction chemicals business in Europe Article
BASF starts production of concrete admixtures in Russia Article
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Concrete coating disintegrates air pollutants Article
The crystal ball outlook Article
Macroporous polystyrene foam under control Article
Construction industry: Wacker appoints new distributor in Russia Article
Construction chemicals market in Poland worth in excess of EUR 1.5 billion Article
Admixture technology extends durability of concrete Article
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