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Monday, 28 September 2020

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European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
European Coatings Spotlight TiO2 Event
European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
EC Coatings Seminars 2021 Event
Ranking 2019: The 25 largest coatings producers in Europe Article
Latin American Coatings Show 2019: ANAFAPYT contracts Vincentz for conference support Article
Global coatings industry gathers for summit Article
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Antibacterial activity of PLA-based biodegradable nanocomposite coatings Article
Stiffness of ultrathin coatings Article
New reference book on wood coatings Article
Lonza's preservative gains Blue Angel label compliance Article
Failure of coatings over joints and gaps Article
Ranking: The 25 largest coatings producers in Europe Article
A novel nanocomposite coating for tribological applications Article
BASF starts new production line of high-temperature resistant thermoplastic in Korea Article
Synthesis of silica-supported ZnO pigments for thermal control coatings Article
Sika acquires US manufacturer of structural expansion joints Article
Wacker expands production and R&D capacities in China Article
Real-time characterization during dispersion process enhances product quality Article
The future is green – for the coatings industry too! Blog post
A cobbler should stick to his last! But why? Blog post
The coatings industry needs more women! Blog post
The future of plastering Blog post
Top 25: Europe’s largest coatings companies Article
BCF’s Coatings Training Institute launches in Asia Article
The laboratory of the future - how should it look like? Blog post
Additives: Do you really want multi-functionality? Blog post
Bio-based coatings: Anything else but cheesy Blog post
Paintindia Congress calls for papers Article
Blog: Changing of the guard: PPG No. 1 in 2014 Article
Non-isocyanate polyurethane wins Green Chemistry Challenge Award Article
Intumescent formulations - tradition versus novelty Article
Adaptation versus risk, what is the better idea for the future? Blog post
Too commercial! What listeners think about presentations. Blog post
Nature – once more showing off Blog post
Examples of eco-efficiency and, occasionally, eco-effectiveness at the European Coatings SHOW and CONGRESS Blog post
RPM acquires UK's largest wood finishes manufacturer Article
Sugar based raw materials – a charming solution! Blog post
March issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out: Champion Article
Evonik - White Paper - Innovative Binder Technology for High-Solids Industrial Paints Whitepaper
…and the winner is? Blog post
Should the reduction in the price of oil impact technology development in the Coatings Industry? Blog post
February issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out: Good prospects Article
The global coatings industry: The best is yet to come! Blog post
How did you come to choose a coatings career? Blog post
Call for Paper: Present your discovery at the Coatings Innovation Day 2015 Article
Dissolving cellulose? – mission accomplished! Blog post
Inspired by mussels, barnacles and yummy oysters Blog post
Coatings additives: New chemistry for reactive emulsifiers Article
Coatings binders: investigating isosorbide-based epoxy resins Article
Lignins - A "nice-to-have"! Blog post
July issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out: Clarifying buzzwords Article
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Research in green chemistry: new raw materials for coatings Blog post
Launch of singing paint Article
Istanbul is calling Article
Embed sustainability in the corporate psyche Blog post
Silica fume and metakaolin influence the bond strength of concrete Article
Speedy analysis of steel fibre reinforced concrete Article
The Coatings Training Institute launched for the global Coatings Industry Article
Chemical building blocks made of wood Article
Controlling the rheology of modern concrete Article
Eco-friendly cement is strong and durable Article
Dispersants with high pigment loading give paints extra brilliance Article
Market study: the Central European paint industry Article
Better corrosion protection due to nanoclays Article
Printing inks: EuPIA Conference kicks off Article
AkzoNobel and Solvay establish partnership on renewable solvents Article
Berger Paints buys Sherwin Williams’ decorative business Article
Developing high performance self-healing polymers Article
Keys to success Blog post
Printings inks: positive outlook Article
And the winner is… Article
Helping to find the right level Blog post
Tutorial provides fundamentals on film formation in latex paints Article
Bonding with chicken blood, lignin and sugar Article
Rather confusing than informative: Standardised Eco-labels for paints and coatings needed Blog post
AkzoNobel: losses running into billions Article
HMG Paints expand distributor network Article
Plantag Group acquires brand name of Jordan Coatings Article
Leighs Paints changes name Article
EU round up – paint sector could benefit as EU and Japan launch trade talks Article
Scott Bader buys ATC Formulated Polymers Inc. Article
European Coatings Congress 2013 starts with a new schedule Article
Rays of light Blog post
Abrafati 2013: Call for papers still open Article
Hybrid coatings show improved properties Article
BASF breaks ground on new automotive coatings plant in Shanghai Article
AkzoNobel sells its North American Decorative Coatings Business to PPG. How sustainable! Blog post
Trimite Global Coatings acquires Trimite brand names and IPR technology Article
The Coatings Summit: Strategies to shape the future of the dynamic coatings industry Article
Optimizing costs and performance – which role plays production technology? Blog post
Teknos enters Chinese market Article
AkzoNobel announces management changes Article
Global antimicrobial coatings market to grow by 2018 Article
Innovation, invention or improvement? Blog post
Swedish coatings producer Eskaro to expand in Ukraine Article
NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network invest in trade fair Paintindia Article
Teknos buys Wedevåg Färg AB in Sweden Article
Designing self-cleaning coating for monument conservation Article
Valspar predicts uplifting color palettes and harmonious hues in 2013 Article
Replacing formaldehyde-based adhesives Article
Industrial coatings: Spencer Coatings buys Stokes Paint Article
Leaders of the Coatings Industry to gather for the 6th Coatings Summit Article
Portlandcement-alternatives fail due to their density Article
A more Sustainable New Year for the Coatings Industry? Blog post
ECJ Annual Survey: Uncertainty prevails Article
AkzoNobel to divest its North American Decorative Paints business Article
REACH: an interim balance after 5 years Blog post
White emerges as the most popular car colour Article
Indian decorative paint market to grow by 2015 Article
J.W. Ostendorf takes over the French paint producer Renaulac Article
Incorporating TiO2-nanoparticles in mortars Article
Making polymeric nanoparticles stimuli-responsive Article
CEO Ton Büchner returns to AkzoNobel Article
Performance coatings: AkzoNobel to expand operations in the Middle-East Article
Paint and coatings industry in Australia to slowly grow Article
Coatings production: How to enhance capacity and save energy at the same time Article
Powder coatings: Global market analysis Article
Chinese researchers study fabrication of superhydrophobic and superparamagnetic coatings Article
Valspar Paint signs distribution deal for United Kingdom and Ireland Article
Global coatings market to reach USD 107 billion by 2017 Article
Value chains in the coatings industry in the light of cooling down of global economy Article
Assessing the “true sustainability value” Blog post
Sherwin-Williams to expand its architectural paint business by acquiring Comex Article
NOF Metal Coatings inaugurates global training center Article
Paint & coatings market in Kenya and Tanzania to grow Article
Whitford Ltd. moves U.K. location to larger facility Article
Bacteria heal cracks in concrete Article
Robust, flexible, cheap – but: what is satisfactory? Blog post
Robust, flexible, cheap – but: what is satisfactory? Article
AkzoNobel inaugurates R&D centre in India Article
A standardised global approach to Sustainability for the Coatings Industry Blog post
What is the value of employees? Article
What is the value of employees? Blog post
What is the value of employees? Article
How the European coatings industry can keep its leading position Article
PPG to acquire Spraylat Article
Global packaging coatings, inks and additives market to grow Article
Paint materials and sustainability thoughts Blog post
CoSi 2013: Call for papers released Article
Cradle to Gate or Cradle to Grave: that is the question! Blog post
Innovating for the future: “Transformational thinking” Article
The Swiss Ordinance on printing inks Blog post
Paints and coatings: demand grows worldwide Article
Study on microcapsule-based self-healing anticorrosive coatings available Article
ILAG inaugurates its new Wangen premises Article
Temporary leave of absence for AkzoNobel's CEO Ton Büchner Article
The most important future coatings technologies: always the same Blog post
How to add functionality to polymeric interfaces Article
New study on switchable adhesion published Article
IPPIC President invites Senior Coatings Executives Article
Sustainability Development in the Coatings Industry Blog post
Non-flammable and IR-reflecting in very hot environments Article
Sika to introduce leaner and more efficient Group management structures Article
The Carlyle Group to buy DuPont Performance Coatings Business for USD 4.9 billion Article
Flint Group and Heidelberg announce new partnership agreement in Sweden and Denmark Article
„A terrific event“: The Coatings Summit is looming large Article
PPG Industries promotes two Senior VPs to Executive Vice Presidents Article
Painting turns any surface into a lithium-ion battery Article
NanoKorea 2012: new materials and processes in nanotechnology are getting mainstream Blog post
Where is the center of gravity within the coatings industry moving? Blog post
BASF sells decorative paints business of “Relius” in Germany and France Article
US automotive coatings market to grow at 2.7 % until 2017 Article
BASF expands automotive coatings production in China Article
Coatings leadership to meet at the “Summit“ Article
H.B. Fuller completes sale of paints business Article
Life on Mars and the coatings industry Blog post
Powder coatings: AkzoNobel expands in South Africa Article
Heavy duty coatings: International Paint discontinues using lead chromates Article
CIN invests EUR 12 million in Maia plant Article
“Coatings Summit” now open for registrations Article
Akzo Nobel sells 75.8 % stake in ICI Pakistan Article
Three parameters where you can see that time passes by too fast for new developments Blog post
“Nature’s cookbook” used for synthesis of nacre Article
Performance is everything- also while replacing fossilbased raw materials Blog post
PPG and Asian Paints to expand India coatings joint venture Article
Hempel acquires Blome International Article
Jotun opens powder coatings factory and R&D facility in China Article
Graphene materials for coatings Blog post
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Automotive coatings: BASF designers present global trend forecast Article
DuPont Refinish discontinues using leaded pigments Article
BASF opens new paint application centre in Mexico Article
South American coatings market to grow Article
CoSi conference keeps focus on scientific backgrounds Article
The U.S. coatings industry: resetting at a lower level Article
AkzoNobel breaks ground on Ashington facility Article
Do-it-all solutions for wood coatings Blog post
Romanian manufacturer of building materials sets up new paint line Article
Growth projected in U.S. automotive coatings industry Article
AkzoNobel completes demerger of Pakistan activities Article
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Cradle to Gate or Cradle to Grave: that is the question! Blog post
Coating 2.0 – the improved waterborne biobased version Blog post
Instead of easy-to-clean know about nothing-to-clean Article
Headings Infopage
BASF Coatings received a supplier award in Russia Article
Recession phase 3 - innovation and creativity need to kick in to stimulate growth. Blog post
Can TiO2 particles save the planet? Blog post
Printing Inks: revenues decrease due to declining downstream markets Article
BRIC countries play major role in paints and coatings market Article
Solar concrete slashs carbon emissions Article
Plastic photovoltaic paint Blog post
Henkel to acquire Pressure Sensitive Adhesives product range from Cytec Industries Article
BASF Coatings Japan merges with BASF Japan Article
End-use markets drive growth in the pigments & dyes industry Article
H.B. Fuller announces agreement to sell its Central American paints business Article
Evonik successfully concludes sale of Colorants business Article
Time for research vs time to market Blog post
PPG announced relocation and expansion of its Tolouse plant for aerospace coatings Article
Paintistanbul 2012: call for papers still open Article
“Challenges and opportunities for the European coatings industry” Video
Constant quality for every batch size Blog post
Biobased polymers on the rise Blog post
TOP Innovators 2013 - Survey Infopage
PPG to cut 2,000 jobs in Europe Article
Low friction coating and corrosion protection delivered with one nanocomposite material Article
RPM acquires HiChem Paint Technologies Article
Greece: “Period of uncertainty is coming to an end” Article
Back to the roots Blog post
The coatings industry will contribute significantly to the sustainability of the environment Video
“More support from the suppliers needed” Video
Double-digit growth for Chinese coatings market Article
U.S. paint and coatings industry to reach USD 24 billion in 2015 Article
Dow Coating Materials to invest in a manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia Article
Forces among molecules are tiny but important Article
Printing inks: Bordeaux expands in the USA Article
Jotun opens new manufacturing facility in Norway Article
More than protection Blog post
EuPIA Annual Conference: Latest development of European printing ink markets could be an indicator for a new recession Article
The global coatings market to reach USD 107 billion by the year 2017 Article
Coatings on indium tin oxide (ITO) Blog post
Industrial coatings market to grow by 2020 Article
Research for industrial biotechnology supported Article
Simple fabricating of silica films on various surfaces Article
Middle Eastern and African coatings market in to grow Article
Inconsistency threatens our future Blog post
BASF concentrates on alternatives to lead chromate pigments Article
Brenntag opens new head office in India Article
Performance versus sustainability Blog post
ECHA launches the Classification and Labelling Inventory of chemicals on the EU market Article
Dynamic shift in the APAC decorative coatings market in 2012 Article
Terms and Conditions_1 Article
Global demand for paint and coatings to increase Article
Byk Additives & Instruments expands in the Middle East Article
Safic-Alcan acquires Dutch Company Necarbo Article
How relevant is the brand "Made in ..." for products today? Blog post
Elcometer expands its operations in Europe Article
Renewable raw materials: Roquette and Rhodia Acetowco-operate Article
Alliance to secure industrial raw materials supply Article
Study evaluates weathering effect on adhesion strength Article
Can and coil coatings have a significant market impact Article
New approach to prepare corrosion-resistant epoxy coatings Article
Effect pigment creates surfaces with patina effect Article
Double-edged: CNTs Blog post
Overview focuses on architectural coatings Article
Supply chain model: Eindhoven University and Flostock cooperate Article
Neschen closes loss-making plant in England Article
Intumescent coating provides fire resistance Article
Lanxess expands Jhagadia site in India Article
UV powder coatings investigated Article
Dura Chemicals signs distribution agreement with Bodo Möller Chemie Article
Different variables affect crosslinking of inks by UV LEDs Article
Plasticizers: Emerald Kalama Chemical to build new plant in the Netherlands Article
Dive into the ocean of ideas Article
Coating resins: IMCD and DSM expand agreement in South East Europe Article
Latest regulatory activities, market drivers and science of sustainable flame retardants presented Article
16.4% CAGR forecasted for the global market for UV-curable inkjet printers Article
Dispersion-coated powder colouring system patented Article
Nuplex started joint venture with Russian resin maker Article
Heating influences the performance of anticorrosive coatings Article
Bayer MaterialScience builds multipurpose plant for coating raw materials Article
Automotive antiscratch-coating suitable for i-phones Article
Construction chemicals market in Poland worth in excess of EUR 1.5 billion Article
Admixture technology extends durability of concrete Article
A thought for the New Year - Technology delivers sustainability. Blog post
Concrete floor coatings: DSM co-operates with Empresa Brasileira de Biotechnologia Article
Photopolymerisation process of UV powder coatings investigated Article
Cefic: business uncertainty to affect industry in 2012 Article
European Adhesion Conference EURADH 2012 – Call for paper Article
Scott Bader Europe expands production capacity Article
Wood preservatives authorised according to the Biocide Product Directive Article
AkzoNobel doubles dimethylether production Article
Marine paint with controlled release of biocides under development Article
Distribution agreement: Arizona Chemical co-operates with IMCD Article
Balancing compatibility and effective deaeration Article
Reichhold opens new resins and composites manufacturing plant in China Article
What do people know about nanotechnology? Article
Planatol expands Italy business Article
CNT coating acts as “magic black cloth” Article
Novamelt strengthens position in the Americas Article
Strategies to combat biological growth in marine coatings Article
AkzoNobel strengthens its position in the packaging coatings business Article
Organic coatings prevent magnesium alloys from corrosion Article
Bluestar Silicones opens resin manufacturing unit in France Article
What do end-users at ship yards really expect from marine coatings? Article
Huntsman acquires Turkish polyurethanes systems house Article
Troubled times for printing inks Blog post
Forbo sells parts of its business to H.B. Fuller Article
Paint transforms energy for solar cells Article
Hybrid exercises option to manufacture and sell in Europe Article
Film coatings made from whey are more than biodegradable Article
Pigments – a growth market Article
Cellulose functionalised for printed electronics Article
World market for Nanocoatings to grow by 2017 Article
U.S. coatings consumption worth USD 23 billion in 2011 Article
Renewable and biodegradable additive available Article
Marine coatings: China largest market Article
Merck to build up additional stock and warehousing in Japan and all other continents Article
Surface modification of coatings through self-stratification Article
Durability of the effect Blog post
Solventborne coatings: there's life in the old dog yet Blog post
IMCD acquires Mata Polymers in India Article
Corrosion protection of enclosed spaces Article
Bodo Möller Chemie establishes a branch in South Africa Article
UV-cured coatings with enhanced scratch-resistance Article
PPG opens color design center in London Article
ASTM standard provides method for testing acrylate resin volatiles Article
Silicones: Caldic and KCC start co-operation Article
Using cement more efficiently Article
Shell to strengthen its polyol production facility in Europe for CASE Systems Article
Environmental safety is a must Blog post
Sustainable flame retardants put into focus Article
DuPont grants auto-paint business a ‘grace period’ Article
Book on coatings for plastics launched Article
PPG announces global initiative to leverage titanium Dioxide expertise Article
Joint lab focuses on raw material change Article
BASF increases its presence in growing African markets Article
All-rounder to improve dispersion of organic pigments Article
“Demand for non-halogenated flame retardants will grow” Video
“Demand for non-halogenated flame retardants will grow” Video
Evonik Industries continues cooperation with Shell MDS Article
Nano-technology coating gets greener Article
Global printing inks market to grow by 2017 Article
IR radiative heating creates topographic hard films Article
Study indicates slowdown in EU alkyd resins market Article
Industry and Universities research together on functional materials Article
Honeywell purchases Evonik's polyethylene wax portfolio Article
Sika acquires Duochem in Canada Article
Presenting inorganic-organic composite dispersion technology for facade applications Article
RPM to acquire Germany-based Fema Farben + Putze GmbH Article
Determining colouristic properties in blue effect coatings Article
AkzoNobel completes acquisition of Korean SSCP’s coatings activities Article
Surface functionalisation of fillers improves blanching resistance Article
DKSH Holding Ltd. provides market expansion services to Arrow Chemical across Asia Article
Perstorp signs distribution agreement with Innovia Solutions Article
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