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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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European Coatings Spotlight Biocide Event
European Coatings Spotlight TiO2 Event
European Coatings Spotlight Water-based Metal Coatings Event
China Coatings Show 2020 Event
Synthomer: new production capacity in Germany Article
BASF to increase capacity for Alkylethanolamines in Ludwigshafen Article
"There are many new monomers that have novel structural elements" Article
Wacker binders based on renewable resources certified Article
Waterborne UV coatings: Allnex and Bardese sign agreement Article
Waterborne UV coatings: Allnex and Bardese sign agreement Article
"Strong desire to find fully transparent coatings for exterior wood" Article
Aqueous polymers: "Growth, sustainability and security of supply are paramount" Article
High-performance transparent moisture barrier Article
Renewable raw materials: "The economy of scale should take care of the price-issue" Article
The influence of starch-based bio-latex on paper coating Article
BASF expands production capacity for neopentylglycol in China Article
Novel acrylic-fluorine networks for pressure sensitive adhesives Article
Novel self-healing network and toughening epoxy-novolac resin Article
Protech/Oxyplast Group acquires business of Chemionics Corporation Article
Copolymer coating with outstanding corrosion inhibition properties Article
Amphiphilic polymers as new fouling-release coatings Article
Transparent coatings for everyday applications Article
Toyo Printing Inks purchases land to expand business in Turkey Article
BASF invests in functional chemical company Article
Low-cost bismuth yellow hybrid pigments derived from attapulgite Article
New distributor for Vencorex in South Africa Article
Nano coating for heated clothing Article
Wacker to build new production facilities for dispersions in South Korea Article
Evonik enters into strategic partnership with Melrob and NRC Group Article
Akzo Nobel studies plans to build cellulosic ethers plant Article
Self-healing nanogel composite embedded with epoxy as eco-friendly coating Article
Switching from superhydrophobicity to underwater superoleophobicity Article
Bio-based resin for stable timber construction materials Article
Ineos invests in new vinyl acetate monomer plant Article
Evonik successfully acquires silica business from J.M. Huber Article
Wacker celebrates 40th anniversary of its South American headquarters Article
CHT Group acquires provider for silicone emulsions and elastomers in America Article
Water-repairable zwitterionic polymer coatings for anti-biofouling surfaces Article
Evonik builds new production plant for specialty copolyesters Article
Modifying the structural properties of epoxy resins Article
Wacker expands technical center in Dubai and includes new polymers lab Article
Hoover Color and Ecoat announces project for more environmentalism Article
Resistance of alkali-activated binders against organic acid attacks Article
Copolymers with hyperbranched architecture Article
Polymerisation pilot facilities accelerate development of bio-based materials Article
Pilot Chemical Company acquires ATRP Solutions Article
Arkema increases photocure resin production capacity in China Article
Bromo-cardanol-novolac resins as adhesives for particleboards Article
Evonik bundles expertise in crosslinking technology Article
Autonomous regeneration of large scale damage in polymeric coatings Article
Lifting PUR chemistry into the next dimension Article
Synthomer selects Campi y Jové to concentrate their distributions activities in Iberia Article
Instant bonding of hydrogels for soft machines and electronics Article
Synthesis of a smart coating for furniture textiles Article
Silica/methacrylate hybrids: Telomerisation versus RAFT polymerisation Article
IMCD expands presence in the United States Article
Photocrosslinked PVDF-based star polymer coatings Article
USMB acquires Printing Ink Resin business of Resinall Europe Article
DIC commences commissioned production of polystyrene in Thailand Article
Dow signs agreements for investments in Saudi Arabia Article
Novel antimicrobial technology acts like a cactus Article
Microwave curing of silicone resin coatings Article
Biofilms: Bacteria harness the lotus effect to protect themselves Article
Thermal decomposition and fire response of thermal coatings for concrete Article
Rain Carbon gives starting signal for production plant of industrial resins Article
UV-cured coating resins made from renewable thiolactone derivatives Article
Evaluating the barrier properties of fire retardant polymer systems Article
Stopping mosquitos and red ants with polyurethane coatings made from algae oil Article
Third edition of "Coatings Formulation" launched Article
Toyo Ink and Doneck enter licensing agreement for water-based lamination inks Article
Guanidine-based polymeric microspheres with antibacterial performance Article
Enhancing the stability of UV-curable thiol/vinyl carbonate resins Article
Formulating flexible epoxy novolac coatings with cardanol-based flexibilisers Article
Archroma opens Global Center of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology Article
Wacker's 2017 forecast is again for sales growth and high net cash flow Article
Surface engineering of coatings for marine antibiofouling Article
High bio-content natural plant oil based UV-curable branched oligomers Article
Wacker expands production capacity for dispersions in Germany Article
Catexel - Opportunities in coatings´ quest for going cobalt-free - now and in the future Whitepaper
Borregaard receives funding for two bio-material innovation projects Article
Increasing the stability of self-healing polymer networks Article
Formaldehyde-free adhesive for industrial use in the wood-processing industry Article
Akzo Nobel signs agreement on bio-based polymer technology with Itaconix Article
DVUV Holdings announces new corporate name and reorganises structure Article
Preparing soybean oil-based curing agents for epoxy resin Article
Biodegradable resin for adhesives and coatings Article
Lonza extends agreement with Azelis in Europe Article
Stimuli-responsive polymers and their applications Article
Altana acquires formulated resins business from Solvay Article
Hexion builds new European technology center in Germany Article
BASF offers new raw materials at European Coatings Show Article
Evonik evaluates production processes for specialty polyesters in their entirety Article
Wacker builds new pyrogenic silica plant in the USA Article
Performance enhancement of oxidised bitumen binder using epoxy resin Article
Coding and decoding libraries of functional copolymers synthesised via photoligation Article
Cleaning effectiveness of anti-graffiti protected surfaces Article
Environmental friendly alternative to oil oxidation for the preparation of fatty coatings Article
Antifogging surface facilitated by nanoscale coatings with controllable hydrophobicity Article
Functionally layered sensing skin detects corrosive elements and cracking Article
Epoxy-silane hybrid coating enhances corrosion protection on galvanised steel Article
Ice is no match for new coating Article
Synthesis and properties of UV-curable self-healing oligomer Article
Nitro Quimica acquires assets of Alchemix Corporation Article
Solvent-free processing and re-processing polymers with light Article
Numerical modelling of porous cement-based materials by superabsorbent polymers Article
“Soft” polymer latexes as binders for pigment printing of cotton fabrics Article
Polycarbodiimides as classification-free and easy to use crosslinkers for water based coatings - STAHL Whitepaper
Closing completed: Allnex and Nuplex are now officially combined Article
Heat resistance of polyester resin modified with fluorosilicone Article
European Commission grants clearance for Allnex-Nuplex business combination Article
Marrying mussel inspired chemistry with photoiniferters Article
ChemSpec opens Mexican performance products division Article
Electrolube opens new manufacturing plant in India Article
Krahn Chemie distributes Omnova Solutions specialty resins in Benelux Article
New replication method to fabricate polymer surfaces with robust superhydrophobicity Article
Self-healing coating for textiles can neutralise chemicals Article
Superhydrophobic surfaces with silane-treated diatomaceous earth/resin systems Article
BASF boosts R&D in Asia Pacific for automotive coatings Article
Emerald Performance Materials elects Gotch to board of directors Article
New insights in furanic intermediates and aromatic derivatives from biomass Article
Coatings binders: Polyester polyols improve strength of amorphous epoxy networks Article
Nuplex shareholders approve combination with Allnex Article
New low gloss powder coatings based on acrylic solid resins and nanoadditives Article
Lignocellulosic biomass as sustainable platform for the production of bio-based polymers Article
Polymeric janus nanoparticles and their application in emulsion polymerisations Article
Consortium markets paints for industrial coatings based on bio-based raw materials Article
Dymax opens new office in Ireland Article
Advances in hybrid polymers using controlled living radical polymerisation Article
BRB opens new silicone synthesis plant in Malaysia Article
BASF breaks ground on new automotive coatings plant in Shanghai Article
Bubble entrapment and escape from sprayed paint films Article
Smoke suppression of crosslinked resins and fire retardants in intumescent coatings Article
Coatings binders: Stepan expands Poland polyester polyol facility Article
Coating properties of acrylated soybean oil modified epoxy resins Article
Hyperbranched polymers via RAFT self-condensing vinyl polymerisation Article
Relationship between microstructures of different bitumina and their performance as binder Article
Novel aerogels with vinyl- and methyltrimethoxysilane in the silica structure Article
Orthodontic cement with protein-repellent and antibacterial properties Article
Microencapsulated ammonium polyphosphate with boron-modified phenolic resin Article
Studying the shelf-life of cement blended with redispersible polymer powder Article
Everything about epoxy resins in a single book Article
Intermediates for coatings: Solvay increases production capacities Article
Get in touch with low and zero VOC coatings! Article
Coatings binders: DRT breaks ground on U.S. facility in Georgia Article
Scott Bader France invests EUR4.2 million in the expansion of the Amiens site Article
Water-Based Single Component High Gloss Acrylic for DTM & Topcoat Applications Whitepaper
HEXION Whitepaper
Singapore: Wacker expands Technical Center and includes lab for silicone elastomers Article
For the first time BASF produces binders for interior paints based on mass balance process Article
Corbion opens advanced R&D and applications laboratory Article
Wanhua Chemical Group commissioned new IPDI plant Article
Construction applications: Wacker strengthens presence in Latin America Article
Dow and Nordmeccanica collaborate on new technology developments Article
Supramolecular assembly for the synthesis of responsive polymers Article
New grinding resin lowers VOC content in pigment concentrates Article
Chemical vapour deposition of soluble copolymers with tuneable properties Article
Toughening of photo-curable polymer networks Article
New water soluble polymer for water resistant coatings Article
DSM proposes Pradeep Pant as new Supervisory Board member Article
Multilayer PET packages to become resins for coatings Article
Enhancing the crosslink density and strength of epoxy resin Article
Vencorex expands high specialty waterborne range of products in US Article
Evonik strengthens its German sites Article
Coatings binders: Evonik constructs specialty copolyester plant Article
Palm oil fuel ash as potential green micro-filler in polymer concrete Article
Cavitation in crosslinked polymers: Molecular dynamics simulations of network formation Article
Hexion expands water-borne epoxy coatings capacity in China Article
Overlack acquires English distributor Lansdowne Chemicals Article
Elevance elects Tony Parnell as new CEO Article
Bonding performance of a hybrid epoxy adhesive on oil-covered substrates Article
Arkema and Omya extend distribution agreement Article
Kraton agrees to acquire Arizona Chemical Article
Novel alkyd-type coating resins produced using cationic polymerisation Article
Evonik and Nexam Chemical begin collaboration with focus on polyimide solutions Article
AkzoNobel unveils plans to invest in UK pilot plant Article
Sustainable lactide caprolactone co-polymer for hot melt adhesives Article
Covestro up and running Article
New silicone resin: HAPS-free for high-heat applications Article
Fluoropolymer-based formulations as protective coatings in pipelines Article
Rowasol is colouring up India Article
BASF inaugurates new resin plant in Shanghai Article
International Coatings Congress shows current state of innovation in coatings Article
BASF to exit dimer and polyamide resin business Article
Synthesising catechol-functionalised polyether copolymers Article
Evolving from liquid repellency to algae resistance Article
Recent advances in vegetable oils based environment friendly coatings Article
Mark Chrisman joins Omnova Solutions Article
Improving fracture toughness and strength of epoxy using nanomaterials Article
American Coatings CONFERENCE 2016 - Call for Papers Article
Wacker starts up production plant for specialty monomers Article
New Scott Bader Group CEO appointed Article
Xylan as green binder for wood adhesives Article
Bayer MaterialScience to be called Covestro Article
The Europeans think different about going green, what does that mean for interior paints? Article
Dow starts up new polyether polyols plant in Thailand Article
Self-roughened superhydrophobic coatings for oil-water separation Article
Vencorex selects new distributor for Central Eastern Europe Article
Call for Papers – Paintindia Congress 2016 Article
Designing acrylic-styrenic coatings bearing reactive aldehyde functions Article
Studying a new class of polymers for use in antifouling coatings Article
Keyser & Mackay agrees partnership with Iso-Elektra Article
Sivance opens R&D lab to drive innovations in silane technologies Article
Dow introduces new pack studios innovation center in Italy Article
Characterising filled powders for powder coating of paper Article
Lorama Group opens regional technical support centre in Madrid Article
Corbion Purac's PURALACT® B3 Enhances Resin Efficiency & Improves Coating Performance Whitepaper
EASY CURE SYSTEM from Allnex Whitepaper
Reference book "Understanding Coatings Raw Materials" is out Article
Powder-binder jetting - a license to print Article
Michelman hires new Group Director for Printing & Packaging Group Article
DRT extends international network in Central Europe Article
Bodo Möller Chemie takes over trading business for Organik Kimya in Northern Europe Article
Sugar based raw materials – a charming solution! Blog post
Printing inks: Raw material costs increase despite low oil prices Article
Dr. Richard Pott to be Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bayer MaterialScience Article
Copolymerising wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne coatings Article
Enhancing the rheological and mechanical properties of bitumen Article
Phosphonic acid-containing polysulfones as anticorrosive coatings Article
Phosphorous-based flame retardant market in China poised for growth Article
Call for Papers – FEICA 2015 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and Expo Article
Synthopol Chemie strengthens market position in Asia Article
Lubrizol acquires EcoQuimica in Brazil Article
DSM announces investment in US manufacturing facility for sustainable resins Article
Ter Group acquired Adiquimica in Portugal and strengthened its position in Spain Article
Researchers design tailored tissue adhesives Article
Michelman acquires Supack International Article
Cornelius Group Board reorganises for growth Article
Sika enters into negotiations to acquire Axson Technologies Article
Thermal processing of soybean oil to obtain bio-based polymers and oil Article
Thermoactivated hardener enables efficient coating of plastic add-on parts Article
January issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out: New year, new luck! Article
Coatings binders adhere directly to aluminum without adding a promoter Article
Allnex acquires Águia Química Article
Study: Southeast Asia is the fourth largest latex polymers market globally Article
DSM to sell DSM Synres to Standard Investment Article
New book "Silicone Resins and their Combinations" is out Article
Rahn-Group celebrates 75 years in business Article
Eastman Chemical appoints ICH Benelux as new distributor in Benelux Article
CoSi - Last Call for Papers Article
Researchers develop multilayer systems that "shed" their surface Article
Coatings binders: Polyester polyol shows good hydrolytic stability Article
Corbion Purac intends to construct new production plant Article
Developing a modified emulsion polymerisation method Article
Preparing a novel urethane polyol via nonisocyanate route Article
Coatings binders: Nonionic monomer effects properties of hybrid emulsion Article
Depolymerising polysiloxanes to produce well-defined products Article
Helios invests EUR 4 million in new production plant Article
Synthopol celebrates topping out ceremony for a new production building Article
Coatings binders: Reverdia adds licensing to building block portfolio Article
Stop the trend biobased! Blog post
AkzoNobel and Photanol develop chemical compounds of the future Article
Limestone particle size distributions influence blended cement Article
Coatings binders: Applying a repellent hybrid coating in the oil industry Article
Coatings binders: Nano silica enhances anticorrosion performance of epoxy coatings Article
Releasing cerium dibutylphosphate corrosion inhibitors from epoxy coating systems Article
The best of two worlds Article
New raw materials: not all seem to be interesting for paint manufacturers Blog post
Azelis Coatings extends agreement with Allnex in Germany and Austria Article
Coatings binder: Eternal announces product recall Article
Celanese to build VAE emulsions unit in Southeast Asia Article
Styrene-butadiene latex carboxylation effects adhesion Article
Clariant and Ashland to sell ASK Chemicals JV to Rhône Article
Click reactions on polymer surfaces lead to antimicrobial behaviour Article
Bayer expands production for coating raw materials in China Article
BASF breaks ground on new resin plant in Shanghai, China Article
Evonik acquires US company Silbond Article
Coating binders: BASF invests at its Münster site Article
Wacker eyes expansion of dispersible polymer powder production capacity in China Article
European Coatings LIVE! questions answered Article
A new additive based chemistry for OEM clear coats shown Article
German polymers research boosted by new funding Article
Polymer can heal itself without external catalyst Article
No more snail trails to see on dark coloured walls Article
A fresh look at epoxies for adhesives Article
Red wine, dark chocolate and green tea are the basis for new functional coatings Article
Resins: Versalis and Neville Venture sign cooperation agreement Article
BASF to invest in new resin plant in China Article
Allnex to acquire “Desmolux” product range from Bayer MaterialScience Article
Styrenated sucrose ester resins successfully synthesised Article
Iron used for environmental friendly production of petrochemicals Article
Phosphor layers benefit antifouling effectiveness of silicone elastomer coatings Article
Cytec Coating Resins establishes new identity as “Allnex” Article
Functions stick on the surface of polymers Article
Making flame retardants in epoxy coatings more effective Article
Devine nano technology forms new particles Article
Novel Coatings: same performance with fewer layers Blog post
Coatings binders: designing defensive polymers Article
Tear-resistant soybean oil Article
Palm stearin alkyd resins successfully modified Article
Toxic heavy-metal catalysts banned from paints Article
Controlling the humidity with a coating Article
Modelling of ambient temperature curing epoxy resins Article
Lignin enchances the linerboard coating world Article
Biobased production in a large scale Article
Plasma avoids migration of plasticizers in PVC Article
Coatings production: How to enhance capacity and save energy at the same time Blog post
Perstorp to strengthen distribution in Brazil Article
Natural terpenes are one of the renewable sources for polymers Article
Growing inks from trees Article
Supramolecular hydrogenbonds toughen polymers for coatings Article
Curing agent provides good corrosion resistance Article
PUR backbones improved for internal stabilisation of PUR dispersions Article
Oleic-based polyols are one more opportunity to gain renewable PURs Article
Grafted polymer chains bring conductivity Article
Sweaty surfaces create cool buildings Article
Neuchem changes its name to Neuvendis Article
Biobased DMS to improve sustainability characteristics Article
"Natural alone is not enough" Article
C26 monomers from mother nature form sustainable polyesters Article
Seminar provides introduction to polymeric binders Article
New epoxy/polyamide anticorrosion nanocoating developped Article
IMCD Spain enters partnership with DSM for its range of coating resins Article
Flexible usages of polyurethanes - experts' comments Article
A paint more than stain-resistant takes off gunk Article
Lecture to impart basics of polyurethane coatings Article
The rheology of polymers introduced with simple math Article
Protect carbon steel with siloxane sol films Article
Countdown to Turkey’s most important paint and coatings event Article
Biobased polyester polyols are water-resistant Article
Bruno Bock and Worlée expand partnership Article
Exploring the trends and developments of the coatings industry Article
Properties of binders for wood coatings studied Article
European Coatings Show 2021 Event
Biobased monomers set new trends in wood coatings and fire retardants Article
Diffusion and drying of polyurethane coatings investigated Article
Sustainable polyols to enhance robustness of coatings Article
Hand-cream resistance of trim paints improved Article
Cytec begins the initial sale process for its coatings resins business Article
Boosting the performance Article
Polyester polyol meets market need for sustainable PUDs Article
Dramatic changes in the printing inks industry Article
Wacker expands Technical Centre in Singapore Article
The crystal ball outlook Article
Cross-linkable polymer improves water resistance Article
Dispersion addresses field applied matte floor coatings Article
Alkyd resins: from down and out to alive and kicking Article
Acrylated PUD for UV-curable field applied matte coatings available Article
Marine paint with controlled release of biocides under development Article
Bluestar Silicones opens resin manufacturing unit in France Article
Efficient waterbased nano inorganic anticorrosive coatings designed Article
Raw materials Frontpage
Toughening of epoxy coating systems with novel biobased materials Video
Europan Coatings Congress: Future of coatings industry Video