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21. Oct 2020 | Application Areas

UV and thermal dual responsive coatings

UV and thermal dual responsive coatings have been developed based on benzoxazine/polyacrylate/mesoporous TiO2. The reversible surface wettability coatings have excellent comprehensive properties.
Reversible surface wettability coatings have a potential use in oil/water separation. 
Image source: A_Different_Perspective - Pixabay (symbol image).

Reversible surface wettability coatings have been researched intensively because of potential use in oil/water separation especially seriously oil spill pollution. Herein, a new system has been designed to facile fabricate a UV and thermal dual responsive coating with high adhesion and mechanical robust properties. Bisphenol A-aniline benzoxazine (B), polyacrylate (A) and mesoporous TiO2 particles (Tmes) are carefully chosen, blended and cured to form a BATmes ternary composite coating by a spraying process.

Wettability conversion from hydrophobic to hydrophilic

Resulted coatings show in the wettability conversion from hydrophobic to hydrophilic and excellent anti-abrasion that can keep surface condition after 400 cm abrasion by using abrasive paper (240 mesh) under a pressure of 2.5 M. Meanwhile, the adhesion, toughness and hardness properties of coatings can reach to 5B, 9.8J and 6H, respectively.

Using flexible polyacrylate and mesoporous TiO2 is the main reason for comprehensive excellent mechanical properties. These findings not only provide a new system for controllable wettability coatings but also offer a new approach for making mechanical robust surfaces.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 147, October 2020.

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