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2. Dec 2021 | Sponsored Content

Water-based polymerization, the invisible technology of Laiex [Sponsored]


Experts in the production of water-based polymerization of styrene-acrylic, acrylic and vinyl emulsions and compounds. LAIEX is a world leading speciality chemical company based in Spain and Germany and established for more than fifty years in 39 countries. One of the largest producers of emulsions and compounds in the coatings, construction, asphalt, textile, artificial turf, footwear, automotive, wood, inks and performance sectors. Laiex leads a Technical Unit made up of leading companies in the polymerization sector in different countries, bringing together research, technological advances and future trends in the field of water-based acrylic polymers.

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Coatings for ACE


Proceedings Coatings for Agriculture and Construct

The European Coatings Technology Forum took place in November 2016 in Berlin and this book gives a comprehensive summary of the presentations and workshops. Highlights include an insight into innovative cashew nutshell liquid-derived curing agents and super-durable aluminum pigments.

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