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2. Feb 2021 | Markets & Companies

New subsidiary: Roberlo is strengthening its commitment to the North American market

Roberlo has announced the opening of a new subsidiary in Canada in February. This will bring the number of subsidiaries that Roberlo has on the American continent to eight.
The new branch is supposed to become part of the North American structure.
Image source: Marsel Elia - Pixabay (symbol image).

Roberlo, a company that specialises in auto refinishing, has chosen Montreal, in the province of Quebec, as the location for its new Canada subsidiary, with operations envisaged to start in February 2021. With this new opening, the company wants to demonstrate its clear commitment to the North American market, where it will now have eight subsidiaries providing services to customers throughout the continent.

Part of the North American structure

Xavier Sagué, Roberlo’s managing director, says: “The direct establishment of Roberlo in Canada represents a firm commitment to bringing technical, commercial, and logistics services closer to all our customers and users in the area.” The new branch is supposed to become part of the North American structure and shall have a well fitted out technical center, with all the equipment and tools necessary for carrying out technical training with Canada’s customers and bodyshops and for those of nearby areas, principally the United States.

Roberlo Canada is its 15th subsidiary in the world and is added to the list of Roberlo’s facilities in the Americas: the production plant in Brazil and the other subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Puerto Rico.

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