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10. Sep 2020 | Production & Lab

Mechanically robust and tough water-borne polyurethane films

A new study describes water-borne polyurethane films based on diselenide bonds and dual H-bonding interactions with fast visible-light-triggered room-temperature self-healability.
Improved water resistance properties could also be achieved. 
Image source: mcmurryjulie - Pixabay (symbol image)
EC Library BASF Handbook


BASF Handbook Basics of Coating Technology

The industry’s most comprehensive handbook - now available in its 3rd edition: the BASF Handbook covers the entire spectrum from coatings formulation and relevant production processes through to practical application aspects. It takes a journey through the industry’s various sectors, placing special emphasis on automotive coating and industrial coating in general. The new edition has been completely updated, featuring several new sections on nanoproducts, low-emissions, biobased materials, wind turbine coating, and smart coatings.

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