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21. Oct 2020 | Markets & Companies

Brüggemann: New production system for reducing agents

Brüggemann intends to expand its market position in highly specialised chemical products. The new plant will also set new standards in sustainability, energy efficiency and quality.
The new Brüggemann facility in Heilbronn. 
Picture source: Brüggemann.

Brüggemann Managing Director Joachim Hofmann is convinced that the investment of seven million euro for the new production facility at the company headquarters in Heilbronn is money well spent. "This is an important building block in our strategy moving forward and a guarantee for continued organizational growth and new areas of application. "Around the world, we deliver the decisive connection,” stresses Hofmann, "and in the future, this will be especially energy efficient and sustainable.” The heart of the new five-story complex is a spray dryer for microgranules with a capacity of 5000 metric tons per year. Alongside the equally newly launched production facility for polymer additives, this expansion of capacity is a decisive moment for the company.

Contract drying for customers

"The new dryer for microgranules offers the optimal prerequisites to allow us to provide our newest product innovation – patented initiators for emulsion polymerisation and antioxidants – in extremely high quality and in the quantities expected of us,” explains Brüggemann’s Managing Director, Dr. Josef Berghofer. "In the new facility, we can bring our decades of experience in this area to bear. That is a factor which, together with the technological progress, significantly facilitates the development of new product characteristics.” Available capacity can be used by customers for contract drying.

The spray drying of aqueous, solvent-containing and oxidation-sensitive solutions, suspensions and emulsions is a key technology for numerous areas of application. For especially energy-efficient drying, the new system is fed with waste heat from the company’s own combined heat and power unit. The use of recycled energy completes the environmentally friendly overall concept: Purified waste water from the production process is prepared and fed back into the production process.

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