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4. Dec 2017 | Raw materials

Sika commences concrete reinforcing fiber production for region EMEA

Sika has started producing reinforcing fibers for clients in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at its manufacturing facility in Troisdorf, Germany, where a new production line has been commissioned.

Sika commences concrete reinforcing fiber production for region EMEA. Source: Sika

Made of polypropylene, the fibers are used to increase the structural strength of concrete. With this new production line, Sika is continuing to expand its range of concrete additives and positioning itself as a single-source supplier to the construction industry.

Market volume of EUR687 million

The global market volume of steel and synthetic fibers used in concrete applications is estimated at approximately EUR687 million, with synthetic fibers recording the biggest growth. Macro fibers are mainly used instead of steel reinforcements for strengthening concrete or shotcreted structures. Typical areas of use include tunneling, mining, precast concrete elements and industrial floors, as well as foundations and ground slabs. The new fibers not only improve the safety, durability and serviceability of concrete, but also increase the efficiency of the construction process as they are added to the ready-mixed concrete during mixing.

Coatings for ACE


Proceedings Coatings for Agriculture and Construct

The European Coatings Technology Forum took place in November 2016 in Berlin and this book gives a comprehensive summary of the presentations and workshops. Highlights include an insight into innovative cashew nutshell liquid-derived curing agents and super-durable aluminum pigments.


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