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11. Aug 2017 | Coatings Technologies

Self-healing and photoluminescent nature resource-derived hydrogels

Researchers have demonstrated that carboxymethyl cellulose-based hydrogels can be engineered to exhibit the integrate capabilities of self-healing, photoluminescence and stretchability by a facile, green and economic approach.

Self-healing resource-derived hydrogels. Source: Denys Rudyi/

The carboxymethyl cellulose-based (CMC)-based hydrogels present blue-green colour under ultraviolet light, and self-heal in ambient temperature without any external stimulus with 95% healing efficiency.

Adhesion to glass, plastic and soft tissues

Moreover, the healed hydrogel can be stretched nearly 2.5 times of their original length. The stretchable self-healing and photoluminescent CMC-based hydrogels can adhere to glass, plastic and soft tissues. The vessel sealant for preventing leakage of aqueous solutions and prototype of mucoadhesive for stomach perforations are demonstrated. With these novel properties, the easy-to-synthesize, mass production, multifunctional smart CMC-based hydrogels hold great potential for applications in biomedical and engineering fields.

The study is published in: European Polymer Journal, Volume 94, September 2017, Pages 501–510

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