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3. Jun 2020 | Raw materials

Safic-Alcan completes acquisition of Langley-Smith & Company

Safic-Alcan UK, a subsidiary of the Safic-Alcan Group, has acquired 100 percent of Langley-Smith & Company.

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Safic-Alcan UK has acquired 100 percent of Langley-Smith & Company. Image source: tevepb - Pixabay (symbol image).

Langley-Smith was established in 1907 and is a specialty chemicals distributor in United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe, with a focus on adhesives, paint and coatings, polymer modification, road marking and rubber processing, inks and varnishes.

"The  acquisition  of  Langley-Smith  will  cement  our  position  as  a  leader  in  the specialty chemicals distribution in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as develop our capabilities in mainland Europe”, stated Yann Lissillour, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for Safic-Alcan.

"A new chapter for both companies‘ industrial businesses"

David Crow, Owner & Managing Director of Langley-Smith commented: "Combining Langley-Smith‘s longstanding presence and expertise with Safic-Alcan‘s excellent international network will open a new chapter for both companies‘ industrial businesses".

The acquisition was announced in March 2019 and has now been completed.

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