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27. Mar 2015 | Raw materials

Pigments: BASF expands production capacity and colour range for effect pigments

BASF will expand its capacity for the production of "Paliocrom” effect pigments by more than 20 percent by 2017 in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

BASF recently launched "Paliocrom Sparkling Red" as an effect pigment. Source: BASF

The investment will enable the company to accommodate for the growing demand of its aluminum-based effect pigments in the automotive coatings sector. With an investment of approximately EUR 10 million, BASF aims to strengthen its position in this fast-growing market.

Gaining popularity in the automotive market

"Our high-end effect pigments have gained much popularity in the automotive market and our orange, red and gold colours create a broad range of styling options for coatings producers,” said Alexander Haunschild, Senior Vice President, Pigments and Resins, Europe. The expansion of the "Paliocrom" production is being made in view of the recent color trends and the projected rising demand. BASF expects the Paliocrom product group to grow significantly above the general pigment market for automotive coatings.

Effect pigments deliver high styling potential

The product features gold, orange and new red pigments. BASF also launched "Paliocrom Sparkling Red" as a bluish red product in the market. With high chroma, metallic luster and hiding power it is suitable for automotive finishes and industrial paints.

"We are strengthening our leadership in this dynamic market segment by not only adding capacity, but also launching special effect pigments which has high styling potential. We continue to create more styling options for our customers from high quality pigments and accompany the growing effect pigment market,” added Haunschild.

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