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28. Apr 2015 | Application Areas

New Chevrolet concept car draped in dazzling colour from BASF

With its streamlined design featuring BASF’s "Mid-night Glimmer” coatings, Chevrolet-FNR concept car has made its stunning global debut at Auto Shanghai 2015.

Adopting multiple intelligent technologies, such as self-driving technology, the car design aims at exploring the development trend for the future. Source: BASF

The Chevrolet-FNR concept is powered by electricity. "FNR” stands for "Find New Roads”, which means exploring unlimited possibilities.

Exploring the design trend for the future

Adopting multiple cutting-edge intelligent technologies, such as self-driving technology, the car design aims at exploring the design and development trend for the future. The "Mid-night Glimmer” is a customised colour developed by the colour design experts from BASF’s Coatings Division in collaboration with the design team at Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd. (PATAC), a joint-venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor, also known as the design and engineering center of Shanghai General Motors (SGM). The coating is consistent with the car’s design concept and enhances the unique high-tech and futuristic design of the Chevrolet-FNR concept car.

Developing automotive coatings

Min Cao, PATAC Chief Designer & Advanced Design Director said, "PATAC and BASF have a long cooperation history in the development of automotive coatings. BASF has a good technical team and a local colour design team in China, which are capable of developing special car colours and fits the design concept of PATAC’s designers. We will continue to work closely with BASF to create the fantastic future of car development.”

Dr. Thierry Herning, General Manager of BASF Shanghai Coatings, added, "We are proud to contribute to the striking exterior design of the Chevrolet-FNR concept car with our innovative colour and coating. It can only be achieved by the joint efforts of our global coatings team. This is another success story of our partnership with Shanghai General Motors and PATAC.”

Both companies partnered in 2005

The collaboration between SGM-PATAC and BASF in developing automotive coatings and colours goes back a long way. The two companies partnered in 2005 to launch the first waterborne basecoat in China. In 2013, they developed a unique Ice Cyan-jade coating for the Buick Riviera concept car.

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