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5. May 2017 | Markets & Companies

Mixed reality glasses in paint production

Industry 4.0 was not only in the focus of the Hanover Fair, that digitization is becoming increasingly important for the coatings industry was also noticeable at the ECS. Yaveon and Daenet presented the mixed-reality Microsoft HoloLens - European Coatings has tested its potential for the industry.

Detlev Sassenberg, European Coatings’, manager science and technology, has tested the HoloLens at the European Coatings Show.

On the European Coatings Show, Yaveon and Daenet have showcased the advantages of the Microsoft HoloLens for the paints and coatings industry. Detlev Sassenberg, European Coatings, manager science and technology, tried the Microsoft HoloLens. It is directly linked to the ERP system and offers various options that are displayed to the worker while he or she moves about the different work stations.

The wearer sees the different tasks involved in the  formulation process, e.g. checking the raw materials, which he can confirm as ‘okay’ with a simple hand gesture, without first having to take off safety wear such as heavy gloves. This can help to save time during formulation. 

Efficiency and safety aspects

Detlev Sassenberg sees huge potential for the industry. "Because the different steps of each task are displayed, it is easier to process different formulations at the same time. And because a given task can also be confirmed as ‘done’ once all steps are complete, this goes a long way to preventing mistakes during production.” Another great advantage concerns safety. "The HoloLens is also able to inform the wearer that he or she is too close to the dissolver,” explains Detlev Sassenberg. "All in all, I think products such as the HoloLens have great features that will benefit the paints and coatings industry and can help production workers in their daily work, provided that the lenses are comfortable enough to wear for eight hours.”

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