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2. Jun 2017 | Coatings Technologies

Geopolymer mortars as sustainable repair material

Environmentally friendly repair materials with reduced carbon footprint have been in great demand by the construction industry worldwide. Cement-free geopolymer mortars prepared from waste materials are emerging as sustainable solutions.

Geopolymer mortars as sustainable repair material. Source:

Gradual deterioration of concrete containing large quantities of Portland cement is inevitable, and requires repair or replacement. Numerous repair materials including cementitious mortars, polymer-modified cementitious mortars and resinous mortars have been utilised to rectify the problem.

Overview of state-of-the-art research

Geopolymer binders are preferred because they generate 70-80% less carbon dioxide with remarkably lesser greenhouse gas emissions than ordinary Portland cement. These new binders with high content of silicate aluminum and alkaline activator are highly sought-after due to their enhanced durability performance, sustainability, and environmental affability. This review paper provides a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art research on sustainable geopolymers for repairing deteriorated and damaged concrete structures as well as restoring their integrity. Present challenges and future prospects of various geopolymer mortars as repair materials are emphasised.

The study is pulished in: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 80, December 2017, Pages 54–74

Coatings for ACE


Proceedings Coatings for Agriculture and Construct

The European Coatings Technology Forum took place in November 2016 in Berlin and this book gives a comprehensive summary of the presentations and workshops. Highlights include an insight into innovative cashew nutshell liquid-derived curing agents and super-durable aluminum pigments.


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