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26. Nov 2019 | Application Areas

Generation of durable easy-to-clean coatings on foils

A novel and durable easy-to-clean coating based on a UV-curable clearcoat with incorporated SiO2 particles and a thin functional polymer coating based on a zwitterionic phosphorylcholine was developed recently.

Cars painted in different colours in a row next to each other.

The cleaning of decorative surfaces, e.g., on furniture or in automotive industry, is a time-consuming process with high maintenance costs that partly requires special cleaning chemicals as well as a laborious manual effort. Source: 4th Life Photography –

The coating can be applied on PVC foils as well as PET foils and subsequently transferred to different decorative surfaces, e.g., via lamination or bonding. The developed three-step application process consists of a lacquering step with UV curing, a plasma surface modification, and the deposition of a thin functional polymer layer.

Removal of oil impurities with pure water

It can be easily integrated in industrial printing or roll-to-roll processes, which are normally used for foil functionalisation. With the presented coating, it is possible to remove oil impurities from the functionalised foil by pure water without the necessity of cleaning surfactants. Furthermore, the thermal, chemical, and mechanical durability of the coating will be discussed.

The study is published in: Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, November 2019, Volume 16, Issue 6, pp 1515–1525.

EC Tech Report Functional Coatings


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