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6. Aug 2015 | Raw materials

Fluorosilicone additive delivers defect-free foam control

A new fluorosilicone additive has been introduced for defect-free foam control in solvent-borne and radiation-curable coatings.

The additice enables efficient foam control at low silicone addition levels. Source: Klicker/

With "Dow Corning 102F”, Dow Corning has introduced an additive, which offers effective defoaming and antifoaming performance, especially in high-solids solventless systems, without negatively impacting the surface appearance or recoatability of the applied film.

Effective at low concentrations

Balancing effective foam control with formulation compatibility, the additive improves both coating quality and application efficiency. It is suitable for applications where strong antifoam performance is needed, such as protective coatings, wood and flooring coatings and other industrial coatings.

Effective at low concentrations, it enables efficient foam control at low silicone addition levels, eliminating recoatability concerns. The clear and colourless formulation does not impact the clarity of the coating has a low tendency to cause caters. It can be added during the let-down stage without causing surface defects.

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