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20. Feb 2020 | Coatings Technologies

Five facts about powder coatings

Powder coatings account for an attractive market segment. Thanks to some significant advantages they are expected to be used even more in the future. Reason enough for us to collect five fascinating facts.

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The complete absence of VOCs is one of the most commonly used arguments for powder coatings and is a major factor for growth expectations in this segment of the coatings industry. Additional innovations in powder technology could also open up new markets for heat-sensitive substrates and offer potentials in end applications designed for longevity. However, the technology also has limitations that will keep it to be niche technology. One example is the superiority of wet coatings when one wants to coat large substrates.

Global powder coatings market

Currently, the global market is estimated to be EUR 9–10 billion and is expected to grow in the coming years about 5 to 8% annually. However, 8% is a very optimistic expectation.


Gloabl powder coatings market

Regional demand

The largest share of powder coatings is consumed in the Asia Pacific region. Especially China and India are important countries in this region. The second largest market is Europe. Here we will have to see how the current legislation regarding titanium dioxide will affect the market, since some powder coatings will be labelled as potentially carcinogenic in the future.

Powder coatings regional market

Powder coating binders

Powder coatings are still dominated by epoxy polyester binder technology. Nearly half of all powder coatings used globally are based on this technology.

Powder coatings binder types

Powder coating technology

Most powder coatings are thermoset coatings. However, there is a small niche that uses thermoplastic coatings.

Powder coatings technology

Largest powder coatings players

The largest players in the powder coatings segment are Akzo Nobel, Axalta, Jotun, Nippon paint, PPG and Sherwin Williams.

Powder coatings manufacturers


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