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9. Jul 2018 | Raw materials

Expert voices on multi-functional additives

Additives are a very important part of a formulation but they can be expensive and sometimes multiple different ones are needed in just one formulation. We spoke to experts about multi-functional additives that could reduce costs and complexity at the same time.

Tiny amounts, big effect. Additives can influence coatings properties very distinctively. Sometimes more than one property simultaneously. (Source: Swapan -

Additives that can influence more than one positive property are not just science fiction but already reality. "There are already several multi-functional additives available on the market. There are wetting agents that also help deaeration and defoaming, dispersants that also aid substrate-wetting, anti-settling agents that improve your coating’s water resistance and more”, states Susanne Struck from Evonik.

Aidan Mernin and Santiage Arias of Hempel add that  "As the challenges in the industry become ever more complex and the levels of additional functionality become more extreme, it is unlikely that simple formulation approaches will be successful.”

Collaboration is important

Multi-functional additives clearly will play a major role in that future. However, developing those is not an easy task. "Additive suppliers need to clearly define which applications they are aiming for when developing such multi-functional additives. The more pronounced and specific the desired effects are, the more application-specific the resulting products become”, says Susanne Struck.

The experts from Hempel seem to be on the same page as they underline that: "Industry collaborations will be needed with contributions required from all players.”

Further Information

The statements from the industry experts are short versions of an interview that was published in European Coatings Journal 6/2018. The complete interview is also available online for subscribers of European Coatings 360°

Also, if you want to learn more on functional coatings, the European Coatings Seminar Functional Coatings may be of interest to you.

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