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6. Jul 2017 | Raw materials

Entries for 2017 British Coatings Federation Awards opened

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) has announced that entries for their 2017 Awards are now open. This year there are two special innovations.

BCF Awards winners 2017. Source: BCF

New for 2017, the BCF have introduced the Young Leader of the Year Award which will recognise an exceptional individual under the age of the age of 35 within a BCF member company who has proved to be an effective, innovative, and impactful leader. A second new addition for the year, is the Corporate Social Responsibility Award which will be presented to a BCF member company which has clearly demonstrated an outstanding or successful charity or CSR campaign across any aspect of social responsibility.

Awards categories

The BCF Awards are an opportunity to showcase organisational brilliance and celebrate the achievements of BCF members and the students from their Coatings Training Institute (CTI). The winners will be announced on November 23, 2017 at the Cranage Estate, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

The full list of awards categories are as follows:

  • Sustainable Innovation Award, sponsored by Veolia
  • Customer Service Award, sponsored by Bulk Meter Services
  • Excellence in Training Award, sponsored by Cogent skills
  • Young Leader of the Year Award – New for 2017, sponsored by Fenton Packaging
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award – New for 2017
  • Student of the Year Award, sponsored by Synthomer
  • Coatings Care Progress Award
  • Coatings Care Overall Best Performer Award

The BCF Awards are free for BCF members to enter. The deadline for submission is Friday 29 September. Entry forms and further information is available at

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