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4. Jul 2017 | Coatings Technologies

Eco-friendly preparation of a robust superhydrophobic coating

In a paper, researchers present a facile and environmental way to prepare superhydrophobic coatings by combining adhesives with lauric acid modified copper hydroxide powder.

Eco-friendly preparation of a robust superhydrophobic coating. Source: Pixabay

Superhydrophobic surfaces have received so much attention in recent years and several approaches have been developed to prepare them. However, most current superhydrophobic surfaces are hard to be applied extensively due to some shortcomings such as mechanical weakness and complicated preparation process.

Promising in various areas

All the raw materials are commercially available and cheap and the entire process is very simple and eco-friendly, which make it probable for real application. The coated surfaces all show large contact angles and very small sliding angles with water droplets both in air and in oil, displaying super-water-repellency. Thus, the lauric acid modified Cu(OH)2 (LAMC) coating features special self-cleaning property even after the contamination of oil. With the help of adhesives, it is very stable to resist mechanical strikes. Additionally, the coated copper mesh can separate oil-water mixtures efficiently and quickly and the coated sponge can absorb oil spills selectively. The scientists believe that such versatile, durable and environmental superhydrophobic coating is promising in various areas.

The study is published in:Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 325, 25 September 2017, Pages 14–21

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