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31. Jul 2019 | Application Areas

Degradable polymeric composite coatings for biodegradable medical applications

A current study deals with degradable polymeric composite coatings for biodegradable medical applications deposited by laser technology.

Women and men in green surgical gowns operate on a patient at an operating table.

The researchers tested biocompatible polymer coatings with adapted degradability for medical applications. Source: sasint / Pixabay.

Scientist report on the bio-polymeric composite coatings deposition for medical applications, demanding adjustable biodegradability, by the Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation, a sterile laser tool technology, tested for degradation, wettability and bio-compatibility preservation.
The specific FTIR bands of both materials indicated stoichiometric deposition of composite coatings, and meanwhile suggested the predominant presence of amorphous SF phase, as also validated by XRD, with low intensity maxima emerging from the amorphous matrix. Concerning the PSADT component, XRD clearly evidenced its specific crystalline contribution.

Slower degradation tendency

The degradation behaviour in simulated body fluid at 37 °C in dynamic regime was studied as first step of applicability in potential sustained controlled release applications (and/or degradable implanted electronics). Weighing measurements of degraded samples confirmed slower degradation tendency with increasing initial PSADT amount. They also revealed approximately zero order SBF-degradation for 1:1 SF-PSADT ratio. The in vitro assays showed uniform spreading of human mesenchymal stem cells on all synthesised coatings.

The study is published in: Progress in Organic Coatings Volume 134, September 2019, Pages 11-21.

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