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7. Apr 2020 | Raw materials

Annual Report 2019: Hempel returns to growth

Hempel’s revenue grew by 14 per cent, of which 2.5 percentage points were driven organically.

denphumi –

Hempel returned to growth in 2019. Image source: denphumi – (symbol image).

The company's EBITDA margin ended the year at 10.5 per cent for continuing business. Hempel continued to deliver strong growth in the last two quarters of the year. 

"A great year for Hempel"

Group President & CEO of Hempel Lars Petersson comments: "2019 was a great year for Hempel. We returned to positive organic growth with a revenue of more than EUR 1,500 million. The strong results are based on organic growth, especially in Asia, a stable EBITDA margin and the first full year with our European Decorative acquisition, J.W. Ostendorf, fully integrated.”
Hempel to double Hempel has set an ambitious growth target, with the aim of doubling its revenue. With the refinancing of its credit facility in 2019, Hempel has a facility of EUR 1 billion. In addition, Hempel has released net working capital improvements of more than EUR 170 million since the beginning of 2016. 

Additives for water-borne coatings


Additives for Water-borne Coatings

Water-borne systems are the coatings of the future. The market is developing an insatiable appetite for ecologically sound coatings based on renewable raw materials. The demands on coating performance are at least as high as those on environmental compatibility. Additives help to protect the environment by effectively reducing the use of organic solvents. Many of today’s water-borne coatings could not be formulated without them. When incorporated into water-borne paints, coatings and printing inks, they enhance both the production process and the performance of the applied inks and coating materials. Additives for water-borne coatings is a must read for formulators wishing to brush up on water-borne coating systems, as well as experts seeking to have detailed knowledge at their finger tips.

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