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10. Aug 2020 | Raw materials

Amazon Colours appoints Teko as distributor for Malaysia and Singapore

Teko Tinting and Engineering, the Southeast-Asian based member of the Inkmaker group, has been appointed by Amazon Colours (Thailand) as their sole distributor for Malaysia and Singapore.

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Teko has been appointed by Amazon Colours as their distributor for Malaysia and Singapore. Image source: geralt - Pixabay (symbol image).

The newest Thailand-based factory of the international colourant and pigment dispersion manufacturer Amazon Colours is supplying both the local Thai market as well as other Southeast Asian paint customers with a manufacturing capacity of over 130,000 litres per month, uses state-of the-art technology. Amazon’s production is backed by stringent Quality Control which has resulted in ISO 9001:2015 certification for the company and REACH registration for all raw materials. Amazon has been head-quartered in Thailand since 2010 and opened a second manufacturing facility in Indonesia in 2017.

"Adds to our portfolio"

"We are very pleased with Amazon’s announcement. The appointment adds to our portfolio of partnerships. Our expertise on tinting equipment is a great fit with Amazon’s eco-friendly colorant technology and, being part of the Inkmaker group, we are now a total-solutions provider in the tinting business. Our Malaysian and Singaporean customers will benefit greatly from dealing with a partner that can offer comprehensive and customised solutions for their specific tinting needs,” remarked Luca Pignatti, Area Sales Manager, Teko Tinting and Engineering Sdn Bhd.

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