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5. Oct 2015 | Raw materials

AkzoNobel opens new coil coatings production line in Mexico

AkzoNobel has opened a new production line for coil coatings at its facility in Garcia, Mexico.

As well as doubling current capacity, the new line will also serve local coated steel manufacturers. Source: AkzoNobel

As well as doubling current capacity, the new line will also serve local coated steel manufacturers, including Ternium, Zincacero and Galvasid.

Producing metallic and wrinkled finishes

Coil coating products that are manufactured at the site support the construction and domestic appliance sectors. In addition, the new line will produce specialty products, including metallic and "wrinkled" finishes. Volumes currently imported from the US will now be manufactured locally in Mexico.

"The Garcia facility will allow us to participate in new regional markets," explained Miguel Rocha, Regional Sales Manager Mexico and Central America for AkzoNobel's Metal Coatings business. "We will also improve our response time and customer service, as well as giving a big sign of our commitment to the Mexican market and to our customers."

Jorge Granillo, Global Procurement Director at Exiros, which purchases on behalf of Ternium, said he appreciates AkzoNobel's focus on customer needs: "With a new coil production channel in Mexico, we will benefit from a faster response time and quicker color matches, which will help us as a customer to be more competitive in our markets."

Commenting on the start-up, Greg Bengtson, Regional Director North America for AkzoNobel's Metal Coatings business, added: "We are very pleased to be adding local production in Mexico, which is a response to our customers' needs. Having a local facility will give them much better access to our technologies. There is also a significant sustainability benefit in lowering our carbon footprint by cutting the amount of freight transport from the US to Mexico."

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