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27. Jan 2023 | Markets & Companies

BASF publishes "Color Report 2022 for Automotive OEM Coatings"

As they have for several years, achromatic colours dominated the automotive market around the globe in 2022. But as BASF’s designers found in the company’s Color Report for Automotive OEM Coatings, the automotive colour rainbow is expanding to allow colours like yellow, orange, green, and violet to take market share.
A graph shows the global overview of the colour distribution.
The achromatic colours - white, black, silver and grey - continued to be used for the paintwork of most passenger cars produced in 2022.
Graphic source: BASF.

Despite the shift in colors, the achromatic colours – white, black, silver, and gray – followed a familiar pattern, coating the majority of the non-commercial vehicles produced in 2022. As it has been for several years, white is still the most popular car colour around the world partly because of their high resale value. If buyers didn’t choose achromatic colours, they often went for blue or red. While those two color spaces are still very popular, other chromatic colours like yellow, orange, green, and violet are all gaining market share in most regions of the world. This shows that BASF’s customers – the automakers – are embracing a wider range of diversity and breadth of color than before.

Blue and red lost market share

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) showed gains for its two most popular colours – white and black – and losses in market share for gray and silver. At the same time, the region got much more colourful. Blue still has a commanding lead among chromatic colours in EMEA, but both blue and red lost market share. Orange started appearing in car buyers’ preferences, and yellow, brown, and green all picked up a few percentage points.

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