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24. Nov 2022 | Application Areas

Eco-friendly cement from calcareous oil shale

A recent study aimed to maximise the replacement of raw materials in clinker production with calcareous oil shale, while maintaining standard quality characteristics.
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The reseacrhers showed that oil shale can replace up to 76 % of raw materials in clinker manufacturing. 
Image source: Engin_Akyurt - Pixabay (symbol image).
Many countries have resources of calcareous oil shale with low calorific value that are unsuitable for energy production. The chemical composition of calcareous oil shale is similar to that of Portland cement clinker. Utilisation of calcareous oil shale in raw state can partially replace both fuel and other raw materials.

Oil shale can replace up to 76 % of raw materials

In fact, the reseacrhers showed that oil shale can replace up to 76 % of raw materials in clinker manufacturing, which is sufficient for calcination and final burning in a rotary kiln. This means that oil shale can partially replace fuel, reducing CO2 emissions during clinker production.

The study has been published in Cement and Concrete Research, Volume 159, September 2022.
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