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9. Sep 2022 | Application Areas

Novel flame-retardant coating for wood surfaces

A recently conducted study has focused on an epoxy-modified silicone resin based synergistic flame-retardant coating for wood surfaces.
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The combination of various factors improves the coatings flame retardancy. 
Image source: thommas68 - Pixabay (symbol image).

In a new work, an epoxy-modified silicon (SiR) coating was formed by the condensation of dimethyldiethoxysiloxane with 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (KH-560), while the resin cured by nitrogen-containing phosphorus flame-retardant (PTDP) curing agent. The flame-retardant coating (PTDP/SiR) has outstanding hardness, water resistance, solvent resistance and it is appropriate for utilising in wood surfaces.

Improved flame retardancy

Meanwhile, PTDP/SiR-1 exhibits obvious flame retardancy. The PTDP/SiR-1-coated spline received a UL-94 V-1 rating and a 31.0% LOI, compared to 26.0% and 21.5% for the control coating and uncoated splines, respectively. Compared with the control spline, the peak heat release rate decreased by 23%. The mechanism of improving the flame retardancy is due to a dense char layer, incombustible gas, and phosphorus-containing segment formed by pyrolysis. The combination of these factors improves the coatings flame retardancy.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 170, September 2022.

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