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1. Sep 2022 | Application Areas

New flame retardant transparent wood coatings

Researchers have presented polyurethane/acrylic hybrid dispersions containing phosphorus reactive flame retardants as transparent coatings for wood.
Various items of fire brigade equipment in a red wooden box as a symbolic image.
The action of phosphorus as a fire retardant was effective.  
Image source: Evgeniy - (symbol image).

Phosphorus modified polyurethane/acrylic hybrid dispersions were prepared for flame retardant transparent wood coatings. The polymerisation was carried out in three steps. In the first one, the polyurethane was synthesised using an acrylic monomer as solvent. The second step involved water addition that promoted the phase inversion and lastly, acrylic part was polymerised. The phosphorous compounds were covalently linked to polyurethane using a phosphorylated polyol and to the acrylic phase using an acrylic phosphate.

Effective fire retardant

The introduction of phosphorus did not produce significant changes in the polymerisation process but promoted the cross-linking of the coatings. The coated wood samples maintained the transparency and good properties with the introduction of phosphorus and presented a slight reduction in the Peak Heat Release Rate. The action of phosphorus as a fire retardant was effective as it gave rise to significant reduction of the CO and CO2 peaks.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 170, September 2022.

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