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10. Aug 2022 | Markets & Companies

CEPE: Acting rather than reacting

Global trends and challenges to be addressed at the CEPE Conference & General Assembly in Madrid, Spain from 28-30 September with this year’s theme: „Adapting to Change: The role of the coatings industry in a challenging environment“.

This year, the CEPE Annual Conference will take place in Madrid, Spain.
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These days, the market and the world around us are constantly changing – and the pace is accelerating. The last two years have shown how dramatic and how fast changes can impact and disrupt life as well as business in various aspects. A global pandemic, disruptive supply chains, raw materials scarcity and high prices, shortage of skilled personnel, a war in Europe, inflation…this list of challenges is already very long, but far from being complete. Legislative developments such as the EU Green Deal and environmental issues in general are very demanding for paint and coatings producers across Europe.

This year‘s CEPE Annual Conference will dedicate its programme in addressing these topics. Under the motto „Adapting to Change: The role of the coatings industry in a challenging environment“, current events will be evaluated and broken down to the coatings industry, the current and future impact as well as identifying the role of coatings industry in a constantly changing and challenging world. CEPE will be setting the tone in Madrid, Spain from 28-30 September, with a high-calibre conference programme aimed at presenting new ideas and approaches to the top decision-makers among European paints and coatings manufacturers. CEPE has put together a first-class conference programme on this theme. The presentations will inspire, provoke thought and encourage discussion. With this in mind, the programme will feature not only speakers from the coatings industry, but also speakers who can give a glimpse beyond the industry.

EC Techb Report Sustainability


EC Tech Report Sustainability

Making coating systems more environmentally compatible is a burning issue for everyone in the industry, and one that is being fuelled by the European Green Deal. Learn all you need to know about sustainable coatings, how to produce coatings in a more environmentally friendly way and how to give coated products a longer service life. You will find an overview in the EC Tech Report of the many various approaches being adopted. We will dive deep into the European Green Deal, its key points and main purpose as well as consequences for the coating industry, see which new raw materials are being developed to replace or lower the content of products in the SVHC group and learn about different approaches to sustainable paint formulation.

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