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12. May 2022 | Markets & Companies

PPG opens new laboratory in Milan

PPG has opened a new architectural paint and coatings colour automation laboratory in Milan, Italy. The USD 2.1 million (EUR 2 million) facility is intended to significantly increase the speed of developing paint colour formulations.
According to the company, the Milan facility is a European hub for PPG product development. 
Image source: PPG.

he facility will provide up to 100,000 paint colour matches annually, providing master paint color formulations for new colors and existing colours when they are reformulated. The laboratory’s automated system dispenses colourants and base paint samples, mixes them, applies them and measures them, without manual inputs.

European hub for PPG product development

According to the company, the Milan facility is a European hub for PPG product development and a global center of excellence for colour hosting laboratories for paints and coatings for the automotive refinish, architectural, packaging and industrial markets. This includes two color matching automation lines for automotive refinish paints and coatings, and a new research and development facility for powder coatings that includes a design and color showroom.

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