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14. Jan 2022 | Application Areas

Epoxy/graphene composites for anticorrosive applications

A recently published review discusses the advances and future outlook in epoxy/graphene composites for anticorrosive applications.
The current review debates the recent works and reports on epoxy/graphene coatings for metal protection from extensive corrosion and oxidation.
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Coatings are the prevailing, practical and preferred way to safeguard metals from corrosion. Graphene based organic polymer coatings are extensively used as corrosion fortification aids in this era.

A new short review highlights the importance of diverse features of such engineered coatings. Graphene has engrossed momentous responsiveness in many industrial fields due to its superior anti-corrosion and barrier properties. The current review honestly debates the recent works and reports on epoxy/graphene coatings for metal protection from extensive corrosion and oxidation.

Integration of potentially relevant multifunctionalities

The various methodologies to acquire stable-homogenous graphene/epoxy dispersion, covalent functionalisation of graphene, doping of graphene with other nanofillers and their effect on corrosion protection of epoxy/graphene coatings along with detailed corrosion protection mechanism are discussed. The review also outlines the integration of potentially relevant multifunctionalities in epoxy/graphene coatings for self-healing, antifouling, self-cleaning and corrosion protection with suitable examples.

The review has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 162, January 2022.

EC Techb Report Sustainability


EC Tech Report Sustainability

Making coating systems more environmentally compatible is a burning issue for everyone in the industry, and one that is being fuelled by the European Green Deal. Learn all you need to know about sustainable coatings, how to produce coatings in a more environmentally friendly way and how to give coated products a longer service life. You will find an overview in the EC Tech Report of the many various approaches being adopted. We will dive deep into the European Green Deal, its key points and main purpose as well as consequences for the coating industry, see which new raw materials are being developed to replace or lower the content of products in the SVHC group and learn about different approaches to sustainable paint formulation.

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