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24. Nov 2021 | Markets & Companies

Meghmani Organics planning to build new pigment facility

Meghmani Organics has announced that it will enter into a new variant of White Pigment Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). The company is about to set up a 33,000 metric tons production facility at Dahej, the chemical hub of Gujarat.
Titanium Dioxide has application as a bright white pigment in various industries including Paint, Coating, Plastic, Ink and Dyes. 
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The project is expected to be commissioned by Q1 FY24. According to the company, India’s annual demand for TiO2 is pegged at 2,50,000 MTPA growing at 4.2% CAGR. India imports 80% of the TiO2 demand. India’s Titanium TiO2 production capacity stands at 81,000 MTPA.

"Sustainable growth"

Commenting on Meghmani Organics entry into TiO2, Ankit Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Meghmani Organics said, “The Company has strengthened its value added proposition of its Pigments Division with its entry into White Pigment TiO2. Meghmani Organics foray into TiO2 is in line with the Company’s endeavour of creating sustainable growth in Pigment Division beyond Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue and Green.”

EC Library Titanium Dioxide


Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide (2nd Revised Edition) Production, Properties and Effective Usage This second, completely revised edition contains a wealth of information on the properties and use of titanium dioxide pigments. It gives the reader a comprehensive insight into how titanium dioxide works and its possible applications, as well as discussing the current state of development and its use in various forms for UV absorbers, effect pigments and catalytic materials. Practitioners will especially welcome the fact that Chapter 4 now includes information on the scope for, and limitations on, replacing titanium dioxide pigments in formulations.

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