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18. Nov 2021 | Markets & Companies

Azelis opens new CASE laboratory in Istanbul

Azelis has announced the opening of a new CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) laboratory in Istanbul, Turkey, with a focus on coatings.
The application lab in Turkey complements  Azelis’ CASE labs.
Image source: Alpcem - Pixabay (symbol image).

According to the company, the new lab will enable Azelis to accelerate the roll-out of innovative CASE formulations and technical support to its customers in the region. The key focus  of  the  lab will  be  coatings  including  paints  and varnishes,  in industrial, decorative, marine, can and coil, wood coatings and other markets.

The application lab complements  Azelis’ CASE labs in Germany, Asia-Pacific and Americas, including the company's recently-opened lab in Mexico City. It will be the first CASE laboratory in the Group’s Application and Training Center in Turkey, which already runs separate Food, Pharma, Home Care & Industrial Cleaning, as well as Personal Care laboratories.

"Fast growing markets"

"There’s no doubt that Turkey and the immediate region are fast growing markets  with an increasing need of specialised expertise, technical services, and  sophisticated formulations," says Sertaç Sürür, Managing Director Azelis Turkey.

Additives for water-borne coatings


Additives for Water-borne Coatings

Water-borne systems are the coatings of the future. The market is developing an insatiable appetite for ecologically sound coatings based on renewable raw materials. The demands on coating performance are at least as high as those on environmental compatibility. Additives help to protect the environment by effectively reducing the use of organic solvents. Many of today’s water-borne coatings could not be formulated without them. When incorporated into water-borne paints, coatings and printing inks, they enhance both the production process and the performance of the applied inks and coating materials. Additives for water-borne coatings is a must read for formulators wishing to brush up on water-borne coating systems, as well as experts seeking to have detailed knowledge at their finger tips.

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