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29. Sep 2021 | Markets & Companies

Fast & Fluid Management Asia expands footprint in Japan

Fast & Fluid Management Asia, provider of paint tinting solutions, has signed a new distribution partnership with Japan-based Kurabo Techno System.
Fast & Fluid Management Asia wants to strengthen its presence across Asia.
Image source: JordyMeow - Pixabay (symbol image).

Established in 1988, Kurabo Techno System Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kurabo Industries Co., Ltd.

"Perfect partner"

“This new partnership is aligned with our guiding strategy to strengthen our presence across Asia to make our products more widely available. Our goal is to offer the best service to the fast-growing paints and coatings market and reaching out to new customers. Kurabo Techno System Ltd. is the perfect partner to help us establish a strong foothold in Japan market.”, said Balu Kuppuswamy, General Manager, Fast & Fluid Management Asia.

Kurabo Techno System Ltd. will offer paint dispensers, mixers, shakers, and software suited for low, medium, and high tinting operations of customers in Japan.

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