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31. Aug 2021 | Markets & Companies

Hubergroup: Price increase due to rise in raw material and transport costs

Hubergroup, international manufacturer of printing inks and specialty chemicals, is responding to the rise in transportation and raw material costs with global price increases.
According to the company, a price increase is unavoidable.
Image source: sergeitokmakov - Pixabay (symbol image).

For some time now, the rise in raw material costs and the shortage of freight capacities have been putting companies under pressure worldwide. The printing ink industry has also been severely affected, as transport costs and the cost of pigments (including titanium dioxide) and petrochemical raw materials such as resins and solvents have continued to rise massively during the year. Hubergroup is therefore now responding with global price increases.

Price increase unavoidable

The company stresses that it is working intensively to minimise price increases for customers by using its global supply network, examining other procurement methods and using alternative raw materials. Nevertheless, according to the company, a price increase is unavoidable.


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