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10. May 2021 | Legislation

New podcast episode: Biocide regulation and coatings

In the latest episode of the EC Podcast we talk to expert Gabi Büttner from the consultancy UMCO about biocide regulation in the European Union. A topic of great importance for the paint and coatings industry.

Podcast European Coatings
In the new podcast episode we talk about the challenges that the current biocide regulations hold for the coatings industry.
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Biocides play an important role in the paint and coatings industry. They ensure that water-based paints reach the customer without microbial contamination or that paint and varnish films are not attacked by any biological growth.

Gabi BüttnerIn the current episode, our editor Kirsten Wrede talks to Gabi Büttner (pictured right) about why the European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) became necessary in the first place, which exists in its current form since 2013.

Gabi Büttner also explains, among other things, the differences between the European biocide regulation and other regulations such as REACH, the ongoing process of evaluating active substances on the market and what challenges this brings for the industry.


Speaking: Kirsten Wrede, Gabi Büttner / Production: Jan Gesthuizen, Sarina Lux


This podcast is available at Apple Podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud and many other players of your choice. A list of all previous epsiodes can be found here

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Microbicides in Coatings

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