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Thursday, 01 October 2020
Waterborne coatings

Everything about the most important coatings technology. Don`t miss any trend and new development on waterborne coatings

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7 Sep 09
NAPOLEON - an outstanding project

NAPOLEON is the abbreviation for "NAnostructured Waterborne POLymEr Films with OutstaNding Properties". Prof. J.M. Asua, University of the Basque Country, Spain is coordinator of this EU-projectwhich involves 13 academic partners and 7 companies. He comments on the progress that has been made so far and possible applications of this technology platform.

1 Sep 08
Emulsion based on vinyl acetate/ethylene
Celanese Emulsion Polymers has announced the launch of the "EcoVAE" product range. The first emulsion based on vinyl acetate/ethylene, helping to formulate environmentally sound coatings, is called"EcoVAE 401". It exhibits a large more
Low viscosity without VOCs
1 May 08
Low viscosity without VOCs
Solventborne UV coatings are still widely used over plastics, because physically drying waterbornes cannot smooth out the slight roughness of the basecoats, giving lower gloss. A specially formulatedUV-PUD coating combining high crosslink density with improved flowout has produced both clearcoats and a single-coat metallic finish with excellent gloss and resistance properties more
53 item(s) for Waterborne coatings
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