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Thursday, 01 October 2020
Waterborne coatings

Everything about the most important coatings technology. Don`t miss any trend and new development on waterborne coatings

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3 Sep 13
Siloxane-modified waterbased polyurethanes: Promising antifouling coatings

Chinese researchers modified two-component waterbased polyurethanes with siloxane. The result is high thermal stability and good surface properties.

21 Jun 13
Waterborne coatings:Better film properties due to the dual curing process

Taiwanese scientists investigated in a new study linseed oil-based waterborne polyurethane dispersion (PUD) wood coatings using different curing processes. Coatings using UV/air-dual-curing process showed better films properties.

20 Jun 13
Special waterborne primer lightens timbers quickly

Additionally, a new acrylic-based primer protects wood from weathering effects and can be coated just three hours after application.

6 May 13
Dr Gregory Delmas is father, chemist and award winner of heart

Who is this guy who won the European Coatings AWARD 2013? Ten personal questions to Dr Gregory Delmas.

20 Feb 13
For gas it's impossible to pass this hurdle

A newly developed organic nanobrick film is highly intersting for the energy and packaging industry.

18 Dec 12
Green construction chemistries awarded with the NOVA price

Advances in all areas of the construction industry, including innovations in the construction process are annualy awarded. This year even five environmental friendly construction solutions got the prize.

14 Sep 12
Nanosilver shows antibacterial effect in waterborne 2 K PUR coating

New study published on the influence on nanosilver on thermal and antibacterial properties of a 2K waterborne polyurethane coating. Researchers demonstrate in their study a growth reduction of two different bacteria.

16 Jul 12
Dispersion stability of waterborne wood coatings studied

Study investigates waterborne polyurethane wood coatings based on rapeseed fatty-acid-methyl-esters as an alternative to technical fatty-acids and vegetable oils.

11 Jul 12
Study compares polycaprolactone polyols with other macrodiols in polyurethane dispersions

What properties make polycaprolactones interesting for waterborne polyurethane dispersions? Malin Rex from Pperstorp, Sweden, gives the answer and compares the properties of polycaprolactone polyols with those of polyester, polyether and polycarbonate polyols.

53 item(s) for Waterborne coatings
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