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Saturday, 23 March 2019
UV/EB Coatings

News on novel developments and current trends in the field of radiation curing for different applications.

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23 Sep 09
LED lamps start emerging UV coatings market

According to Dr. Katia Studer, Ciba (now part of BASF) plays the market introduction of new UV sources a very important role in the development of radiation curing formulations and applications.

1 Sep 09
EB and UV technology: New blog entry

Radiation curing technology is known since the 1970s when the first commercial radcure products where introduced. Today the technology is well established and the perspectives for the future arebright.

12 Aug 09
UV/EB inks, coatings and adhesives

As the legislation on Food Contact and Food Packaging develops it is likely that the demands on the ink makers and resin manufacturers to supply compliant products will intensify. To meet thesedemands there has to be a greater understanding of the chemistries involved and the potential to migrate.

22 Jul 09
Diselenide derivates as photoinitiators for acrylates

New study reveals that diselenides seem to be good candidates as photoinitiators.

84 item(s) for UV/EB Coatings
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