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Thursday, 22 October 2020
UV/EB Coatings

News on novel developments and current trends in the field of radiation curing for different applications.

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2 May 19
Interview: „LED UV-curing systems are the technology of the future"

Developers at Siegwerk have succeeded in developing a UV/LED offset ink system with good deinking properties. In our interview, Thomas Glaser, head of the Sheetfed EMEA technology business unit at Siegwerk, talks about the properties, advantages and disadvantages of the new ink system.

30 Jul 18
Expert Interview: “Stricter regulations are generally considered to be drivers of innovation”

Complying to regulations is not only a challenge for companies that are active in the field of radiation curing. It is also the change to gain a competitive advantage says Tunja Jung from BASF in our expert interview. Also, she talks about technological trends and dual cure technology.

25 May 18
Efficient matting of UV-coatings

It can be difficult to obtain matt finishes with 100% solids UV curable coatings. A recent article describes different matting agents and explains what other formulation variables are important.

24 Nov 17
Photochemical behaviour of fluorinated photoinitiators

In a study, the photochemical behaviour of two fluorinated photoinitiators was investigated.

19 Oct 17
Controlling the adhesion strength of photo-responsive adhesives

Researchers from Florida State University have developed a facile method to control the adhesion strength of photo-responsive bio-inspired adhesives via a photocleavable crosslinker.

5 Oct 17
Electrically conductive palm oil-based coating with UV curing ability

The aim of a study was to produce an electrically conductive environmentally friendly coating based on palm oil with UV curing ability.

6 Jul 17
UV curable urethane acrylate oligomers for anti-fog coatings

Are UV-curable urethane acrylate oligomers containing ammonium salts suitable for anti-fog coatings? This question has been investigated by researchers from South Korea.

3 Jul 17
Effect of UVA photocatalysis on soot-coated TiO2-containing mortars

If diesel soot is deposited on buildings, colour changes and unwanted black crusts can occur. A remedy is provided by self-cleaning systems based on TiO2 coatings. Can the irradiation of UVA light further improve the effect?

11 May 17
Preparation of UV-curable waterborne polyurethane-acrylate emulsions

Researchers at Tianjin University, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, have studied the molecular structure of UV curable waterborne polyurethane acrylate (UV-WPUA) emulsions. The investigation showed in particular three outstanding properties.

85 item(s) for UV/EB Coatings
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