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Thursday, 26 November 2020
Powder coatings

Find out about current developments in the field of powder coatings: novel coatings binders, novel coatings additives, new applications.

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31 Mar 14
Solving the green PET problem

Researchers from Italy developed a green material by blending recycled PET and isosorbide, and the bio-based succinic acid.

16 Dec 13
Powder coating protects heavy machinery

"Valde ECP” consists of two specially engineered powder coating layers that are applied consecutively and cured in a single oven cycle.

26 Nov 13
Nanoparticles enhance mechanical properties of powder coatings

In a study, the effect of various micro and nano-sized particles on the mechanical and adhesion properties of a commercial non-pigmented polyester-TGIC powder coating was investigated.

6 Nov 13
Powder coating manual focusses on practical issues

The manual "Powder Coating for Industrial Finishing Applications” serves as a guide to operating a powder coating system and managing the process for efficiency and profit, with emphasis on practical issues affecting daily operations.

4 Nov 13
Are DMF-based polyesters suitable for powder coatings?

Researchers from the University Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Gdansk, Poland, evaluated linear and branched bio-based semi-aromatic (co)polyesters as resins for solvent-based and powder coatings.

28 Jan 13
Preparing HDG steels for powder coating is now standardized

Bridges are one example of construction projects that are often built from hot-dip galvanized steel. How to coat this steel without adhesion failure of the powder system is explained in the new ASTM standard.

10 Oct 12
All about powder coatings in one book

From current market situation and REACH to the various types of powder coatings, raw materials, parameters affecting the porperties, production technologies and application technologies - all information in one book available now.

18 Jun 12
Powder monocoat for automotives patented

Make automotive bodies more durable. That's the target as well for the new powder coat. But what does it comprise?

15 Mar 12
Solvent-free powder coating technology addresses architectural products

Novel technologies facilitating successful powder coating of inherently non-conductive architectural products made of plastics, composites and wood will be presented at a conference.

43 item(s) for Powder coatings
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