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Wednesday, 01 April 2020
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Nano-technology coating gets greener

Friday, 9 December 2011

Trial results of applying a nano-technology polymer coating to the external frame of the aircraft are published.

Nano-technology coating gets greener Source: DWP -

Nano-technology coating gets greener Source: DWP -

Finding novel and innovative ways to reduce fuel consumption is becoming increasingly important to aircraft operators of all sizes. The cost of fuel has risen 50 % over the past 12 months. Aircrafts are designed to be as aerodynamically efficiant as possible. One method improving the aerodynamics is through the application of a special coating to the external airframe. "tripleO" is a nano-technology polymer coating that reduces the skin friction, thus improving the airflow over the aircraft and hence reducing the fuel consumption. This coating is certified for use on both Boing and Airbus aircraft. The airline trials that have taken place to date have an improvement in the flight fuel burn once all the opertion variables have been taken into account. This saving is a significant benefit to aircraft operators and can be worth tonnes of CO2. This proves that a nano-technology coating can reduce the fuel burn and the emissions from aircraft, thus making them greener, as published by Ian Brichford, tripleO performance solutions, in the November issue of PPCJ, pages 24/25.

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