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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Here you find news on nanotechnology for coatings. Read all about current trends and novel products.

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22 Jun 17
How do nanoparticles affect the UV-shielding efficiency of acrylic coatings?

In a study, nanocomposite coatings based on pure acrylic emulsion and TiO2/or ZnO nanoparticles were prepared and tested with regard to the photostability and UV shielding efficiency.

21 Apr 17
Do nanoparticles remain unpredictable?

The nanotech industry is booming. But the way that nanoparticles behave in the environment is extremely complex. There is currently a lack of systematic experimental data to help understand them comprehensively, as environmental scientists have shown in a study.

10 Apr 17
Forming linear and crosslinked polyurethane nanoparticles

For the first time, stable water-borne polyurethane dispersions leading to mechanically strong polyurethane coatings were prepared without any chain extender.

6 Apr 17
New nanocoating for dental implants reduces risk of infections

A research team has developed and evaluated the effectiveness of a new nanocoating for dental implants to reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.

16 Feb 17
Anti-icing coatings reduce damage caused by ice

Thanks to novel water-repelling micro- and nanostructured coatings, wind turbines remains ice-free. These functional surfaces are also interesting for aircraft wings, winter sport clothing and solar panels.

4 Jan 17
Solar spectral performance of nanopigments

Solar spectral behaviour of nanopigments has been an important issue in many practical relevance due to their tunable properties.

20 Sep 16
Surface degradation of a nanosilica/polyurethane coating under UV exposure

The goal of a study is to investigate the process of surface degradation and potential particle release from a commercial nanosilica/polyurethane coating under accelerated UV exposure.

14 Sep 16
New coating to revolutionise water proofing

Scientists have developed a new protective coating that could eventually be used to waterproof mobile phones, prevent ice from forming on aeroplanes or protect boat hulls from corroding.

12 Sep 16
Making metal surfaces strong, resistant, and multifunctional

Through a novel process, metals can permanently be joined with nearly all other materials, become water-repellent, or improve their biocompatibility. The pre-treatment of ships' hulls before painting could thus be rendered unnecessary.

121 item(s) for Nanotechnology
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