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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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Functionalities in coatings are a must-have in the future

Thursday, 7 June 2012

What are the trends, what are the latest developments for today and what did we learn from the past? The 1st European Coatings Conference "Functional Coatings" provided the answers.

The conference offers as well good networking opportunities

The conference offers as well good networking opportunities

An audience poll during the conference showed that 55 % of the attendees are already working to combine two functions in a coating.

A trend that makes everybody clear that todays coatings are not only corrosion resistant and have good adhesion –they, maybe, are just valuable with a smart add-on. To gain more, one has to combine even two smart ideas in a coating.

Interesting new developments showed: functionalities in coatings can be used everywhere

Stephen Brindle, from Nissan Automotive, UK presented an anti-scratch and self-healing coating for cars. Interesting tests and different scratch depths were taken into account.

Sabine Scharf from IFAM Fraunhofer, Germany presented a good overview about the technologies for incorporated filled microcapsules.
Also an overview gave Melinda Wales from A&M Texas University, US. She showed what we might copy from nature for further ideas of functionalities. As for instance anima-coatings for kinetic functionality.

The conference provided latest raw material research for functional coatings.

For example Philippe de Groote from Cytec presented how the surface energy drops and the water contact angle increases for energy cured easy-to-clean  formulations.
How nano-enabled coatings for aerospace can work, especially against erosion, icing and lightening -  Hua Xing Peng from Bristol University in UK showed.

During the conference, Sonja Specks, editor of the European Coatings Journal, wrote several tweets - here in the gallery:


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