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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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Bioinspired silica-based superhydrophobic materials

Friday, 28 July 2017

A review is aimed at setting up a system for silica-based superhydrophobic materials, summarising previous works of this domain, and more importantly, providing reference for subsequent studies.

Bioinspired silica-based superhydrophobic materials. Source: Subscription Monthly/

Bioinspired silica-based superhydrophobic materials. Source: Subscription Monthly/

With years of explorations, researchers have achieved great success in fabricating superhydrophobic materials, herein, silica-based materials play an important role.

Introducing related properties

In general, silica exists in three different morphologies when constructing superhydrophobic materials: They are silica particles, silica micro-string networks, and silica gels. Based on this, researchers give out a panoramic presentation about the synthesis, fabrications, and properties of these "different kinds of silica”. Besides, some of the recent applications, such as anti-reflection, oil-water separation, environmental applications, etc, are briefly introduced.

The study is published in: Applied Surface Science, Volume 426, 31 December 2017, Pages 1–18

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